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[SUGGESTION] Paradise Island Daily Requirements

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edited July 17, 2018 in Suggestions and Feedback
The idea came out after noticing that for those who can't leave character online h24 fishing, collecting those 10x fishes for the daily can be really hard.
I made a test and in general we get 2x fish every hour of fishing, which can be more or less depending on luck and the type of Rod we are using. Said so, let's make counts rounded, it's 5 hours of non stop fishing (auto-fish) ONLY for having a chance to enter for 15mins in Paradise Island, that can give you all and nothing depending on the luck of the day.
I never seen that a daily can require so much time in order to be completed. Without considering that if we have more than one character we are forced to leave them at turns at fishing for the whole night.. For those which can do it will be not a problem maybe, but not everyone can do that or not everyone wants to leave his pc turned on for so long just for that quest.

So, why don't let us buy it for 1/5g from the same guy that gives the quest like happens for Shady Warren entry?

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