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[Suggestion] Passive, Emotes, Guilds

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Hello :)
1. My first suggestion is to add on option to hide rangers feather passive as i find it a bit annoying if i want to make a nice close up screen shot but the feathers are often in the way.
2. I think it will be nice idea to add some more emotes even tho its not nessesary but i thought maybe 'Bye/Hi' would be fun.
3.Guild ranking/Guild finder- i would like to see a guild ranking npc at guild zone in hakanas crossing which shows guild name, logo, lvl, guild leader and option to message the leader if they want to join and they may not be online but so that its is separate from mail and a small description that the leader can add for example is its only English speaking guild or something like that. This would also make it easier to people to join guilds and see what option are there on the servers :)
  1. Do you want to see guild ranking option like that/ guild finder in the game?4 votes
    1. Yes
       75% (3 votes)
    2. No
       25% (1 vote)