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Rabbini Day Sale - Expiration Time Changed

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Why did Nexon change the time of the Rabbini Day Sale Expiration? It was originally set to close 7/9/18 at 7:59 PM Eastern time but you changed it to 7/8/18 at 7:59 PM, a whole day early! I base my purchases off of the times and when it changes without notice I miss things. Sometimes it takes time for people to go get prepaid cards to make purchases and online purchases have limits. Very inconsiderate of your player community to just change the closing time of a sale date from what was originally posted.


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    My guess would be that somehow they got the dates/times wrong yet again. This seems to be a recurring problem with their news articles/announcements, not sure if it's due to a translation issue or something else, but they really need to make sure that everything in these articles is 100% correct before they post them.