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larger Guild members limit.

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I think it would be a good idea to be able to have more than the limit of 70 people in a Guild, as most people use up all their character slots and with the new magicien, an extra slot used for 1 person in a guild, means that most people have 5 or 6 charactors, I was wondering if people could be in the guild under one name/account and it covers all their charactors, not that you would be logging in more than one at a time anyhow, but this would allow a Guild to be able to have more people in it, and a bigger alliance as well.


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    This subject was heavily debated some time ago, and it was found to be acceptable as is now. Now, not saying that cannot be reconsidered because it can but with our current population is more likely that will not happen at this time, in my honest opinion, Rider!

    The post was forward to the team I wish good luck on the request!