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meat npc in cloying waste

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I think it would be nice if there were a "meat quest" in cloying waste. With the majority in the upper levels now, there is a higher demand for the level 3 food items. It takes over an hour to get enough meat to make enough of there marks to make it worth the time and cost of making them. I am proposing a quest like to one for water be added. It would make is so much easier for those of us who craft food items to get the required items in a reasonable amount of time.
If this has been suggested before please feel free to move my post. I looked and could not find a posting.


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    In theory we should craft level 6 recipes but since Nexon removed it and dunno why, we still have to struggle in finding old content meat..
    Btw there are 3 repeatable quests in various cities in cloying, few are in Alseik (20*3*5 meat), another one or two can be found in golden peak.
    Ofc a part those the only way it's farming the meat.. but if you have alts you can get plenty pieces from quests. ^^

    As last resource, running spire gives food, trade with friends melee for magic and vice versa.