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launcher switched to full screen by itself?!

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I started the launcher to log in and it was full screen. It is supposed to be small, I don't know the measurements for the small screen. it was the size it originally installed. I have looked everywhere for a way to change it back from full screen. Any one know how to do this?


  • danniedannie
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    This can happen when they add a patch that fixes something. i have had it do this a few times now.

    The easiest way to fix and continue to do so is to go to game settings (the thing that looks like a gear in bottom corner, or hit the esc button) then it should open , look for settings, then graphics setting under screen mode, change it from full. Choices are windowed, full screen, and border-less.
    Full tends to be the default when something changes.
    Use the 'windowed' and choose your best setting on resolution. You might have to play with it. But leave the anti-aliasing on FXAA.
    The larger the screen for the game the tendency it has to lag especially in the rift if you have a decent graphics card. This doesn't happen in full mode for some bizarre reason. Hope this helps. :D
  • glitchmagnetglitchmagnet
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    It isn't the game it is the nexon launcher, where you log in.
  • GrizzlyUKGrizzlyUK
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    Just like any "window" the Nexon Launcher has the usual "Minimize", "Maximize" and "Close Window" icons in the top right corner right above your User Name. When the Nexon Launcher is full screen / maximized the "Maximize" icon changes to a "Restore" icon. If you can see those 3 icons then you should only need to click on the "Restore" icon (the middle one of the 3) and the Nexon Launcher will return to it's "normal" window size.
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