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Bring game back to former glory!

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Honestly I really love this game, I've gotten a few friends into it as well and have poured multiple hours in. Unfortunately it seems the game is dying in popularity and I really just want to help. There are multiple issues people have with the game such as "The game is pretty pay to win". . The whole Ellora's store and being able to buy items and buffs kind of killed it. There are a lot of issues with this game that really need to be fixed! I truly just want to see the game thrive again! Please upvote this so it can be seen by Nexon!!! Lots of love!


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    It would be great to see the game thrive again, but sadly that's a real rarity with any MMO these days. The truth is that a lot of players are simply looking for the "next big thing" to arrive. They jump into a new MMO for a few months and then, when another new MMO launches they jump over to that one, and so on. Then there are those who are convinced that the real <insert name of popular MMO> killer is just around the corner, that one MMO that will totally destroy the popularity of <insert name of popular MMO> once and for all to finally end it's dominance of the MMO genre! I've seen much the same thing happen with so many MMO's that it's almost normal now: a new MMO launches, it attracts thousands of players, "X" months later a new MMO launches and a couple thousand players quit the "old" MMO to go play the "new" MMO.

    Unfortunately I think this has happened to RoI at a bad time for the game because it's sort of in a bit of a limbo state, It's been a little over a year since we had the last "big" update (Rise of the Trickster which gave us a new class, new zone (Akrat Plains), new dungeon etc) and, while the Magician was added about a month ago, that was simply a new class being added to the game. There is a new zone (Turimnan) which the Dev Team had hoped to be able to release this month, but there's been no real update as to what's happening with that. There's also a Tempering System Revamp that many players are looking forwrd to, but that seems to be constantly getting delayed and it's been a couple of months since we had an update on what's happening with that.

    So there is new content etc coming to the game, but we just don't actually know when!