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September Daily Login Rewards Missing

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Hello Riders,

The ICARUS team would like to inform you that we are already aware of the September Daily Login Rewards issue that is missing from all servers. For now, we are investigating the said issue and will be fixed in the next Maintenance. Thank you for your kind understanding with regards to this matter. Compensation will be announced in Maintenance.

- ICARUS Team.


  • GrizzlyUKGrizzlyUK
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    When you say "will be fixed in the next Maintenance" does that mean we have to wait until the next Sceduled Maintenance on the 6th September for the September Daily Login Rewards to be fixed? If so then that's going to leave just 25 days (including the maintenance day) to complete all 24 days of the Daily Login Rewards! Or do you mean there is there going to be an Unscheduled Maintenance in the next day or two to fix this issue?

    We had the same thing happen last month with August Daily Login Rewards not starting correctly on the 1st August, so I really hope this isn't going to become a regular issue!
  • ElusiveBardElusiveBard
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    Think you guys can look into the whole Steam players not being able to purchase NX thing too? A few players including myself missed out on the Rabbini Day sales because we couldn't buy anything through Steam.
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