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Shadows of Turimnan Coming Soon

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On the way to destroy the Demonic Stone once and for all, our fearless hero gets caught between a war that has lasted for decades in an ancient land called Turimnan. Are you ready for another adventure through insect-infested lands caught in a civil war?

Key Features from the Shadow of Turimnan Update include:

• An All-New Region. Hunt your way through the Turimnan Valley and explore a vast new area of the continent.
Level Cap Increase. Further, increase your power and level up to 67! New skills for all classes are now available.
• A New Exciting Dungeon. The only thing between you and destroying the Demonic Stone is the Tomb of the Wyrm. Battle your way through mutated monsters to finally catch up with Salant.
New Tamable Familiars. Tame over 15 new familiars scattered all over the region. Some of them are as fierce as they are cute!

As for the patch notes, the further announcement for it will be made soon. For more details of the update, click the Shadow of Turimnan!

Get ready for a ride of a lifetime and watch out for Shadow of Turimnan! on September 2018 (Date is subject to prior change)


  • FuryDragonRiderFuryDragonRider
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    edited September 6, 2018
    Are there legendary familiars ?!
  • FuryDragonRiderFuryDragonRider
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    edited September 6, 2018
    So u think in this update we will save the princess ?!
  • GrizzlyUKGrizzlyUK
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    edited September 6, 2018
    Good to see this finally get a release date, I just hope that date doesn't get delayed.

    Anyone else feel that the Level Cap increase to 67 is a bit of a weird number? Maybe I'm just too used to such things being either a 5 or 10 level increase? *shrug*
  • NeoseptemNeoseptem
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    edited September 6, 2018
    @ FuryDragonRider
    There wil be at least 3 new legendary familiars according to the japanese familiar wiki and no, the storyline focuses on destroying the Demonic Stone (and failing miserably because we can't have any nice things).

    @ GrizzlyUK
    The new level cap of 67 is accurate to the korean version (and the following cap will be 70).

    Now lets see how they changed things up in Turimnan. :)
  • Interlude1Interlude1
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    edited September 7, 2018
    good patch,
    what about the arena korea have?
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