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Crokhoon’s Treasure Trove (September)

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Events, events, events! Come and check out the new Event that we have prepared for you! More packages and more items to be given away! ~

See the full details of the event: http://icarus.nexon.net/en/news/article/36371


  • GrizzlyUKGrizzlyUK
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    So it's the return of the "Spend lots of money to buy NX and you can then claim a free reward" event! :(

    The game is in decline, there are bugs left unfixed for months, new content is delayed or worse, other events are broken, Nexon are pretty much silent about what's happening yet they're more than happy to make these obvious cash grabs!

    Oh, someone at Nexon might want to fix the example because at the bottom it shows "Total Purchased: 61,790 II Bronze Set A: Elite Grim Rider's Package & Ellun (30 Pack)" but the minimum NX purchase now is 90,000 instead of the 60,000 for last month!

    Here's a quick little comparison for everyone:
    Crokhoon’s Treasure Trove (August 27, 2018 - August 31, 2018)
    Bronze Category Range: 60,000 NX to 89,999 NX
    Silver Category Range: 90,000 NX to 119,999 NX
    Gold Category Range: 120,000 NX and up

    Crokhoon’s Treasure Trove (September 24 2018 - September 30, 2018)
    Bronze Category Range: 90,000 NX to 119,999 NX
    Silver Category Range: 120,000 NX to 149,000 NX
    Gold Category Range: 150,000 NX and up

    So to receive the same "rewards" as last month players now have to purchase an extra 30,000 NX!

    EDIT: Decided to remove some of my rather negative comments, not much point in telling Nexon exactly what I think of this because they don't really care anyway. :(
  • EstiEsti
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    Why giving you money is considering as an event ?

    An event is ingame interaction as a farm / quest or instance …

    Clearly, u miss the mark to "entertain" us
  • EgooNEgooN
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    Hello .. I have a question about paying paysafecard ... For three days i try to pay with paysafecard and I cant.. does anyone know why?
  • CreamCream
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    This is not the correct place to post your question or either is spamming the forums with the same exact question, Rider! Follow the Code of Honor at all times to prevent unwanted reactions from the community or infractions.

    The Tech Support sub-section of the forums will be the one place to post your query at this time or contact PSC at your earliest convenience.