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Riders of Icarus Improvement Guides

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Greetings Fellow Riders!

We guys know the story of Riders of Icarus, playing it now with friends or as a new player, some of us don't have any Idea on what to do in the game. So, In here you can find a useful guide for you to enjoy and to know how to game works. We have dedicated people doing some tutorial videos for it and you are also welcome to post your videos too.

Now, we are not requiring you to make videos for daily basis. Make the videos at your own pace or when you feel like it. Tutorials videos are so much help for a new Rider or for someone who took a break from gaming.

I and the Moderators will love to see your making videos and having a concern to our game. Thank you so much for passing by Riders!

We hope to see your creations in here ;)


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