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Turimnan Lucky Boxes

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Greetings Riders,

As you have noticed, we have removed the Turimnan Lucky boxes. There are reports we have received that the said Turimnan lucky boxes have an incomplete item when opened. To avoid or to lessen the players with this kind of issue, we have temporarily removed the Turimnan Lucky boxes. Once we have fixed the said issue, we will let you know when this Lucky boxes will return to the cash shop.

Thank you so much for your kind understanding.



  • FixalotFixalot
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    Perhaps and idea:
    About the Marks or Scrolls ........they deliver seperatly and gamers have to buy a lot of boxes to get both:
    1. make a NOTIFICATION : you get a mark OR scroll
    2. Make SCROLLS TRADEBLE; gamer can choose buy or buy in game (but sell Marks)... more canche to compleet both and gamer chooses
    3. Keep the boxes but get warnings and notifications: new european gaming law ... You did well with the time notifications, do the same with the INCOMPLETE selling to prevent addiction to get it compleet to get a mount/pet/armorupgrade and only rich players can affort the mount...so unfair (my oppinion).

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