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dire wound scrolls

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is the new price increase for the lvl 67 scroll intentional or a mistake
going off previous trends i would have expected them to come in around 2 gold but 15 gold yikes
for the first time ever in game its cheaper to use mender


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    edited November 3, 2018
    I do have to agree that the price is steep but if you notice most things pay decently from farming while in Turimnan and in Tomb elite 5 as well. Heroic pays a number of mobs 1+ gold or 90 silvers per mob and that is very good as well. Again yes the price in DW is considerably high compared to other regions but is not the same in-game currency drop rate per region either.

    Anyways, I haven't heard anything that is not intended or that is but if anything comes my way I will post here Rider!