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Class Updates / Improvement / NPC

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Region: Hakains Crossing
NPC: Casey -- This NPC Need to Fix it lower Enchantement Money ( 179g for one try with 0,05% of Mainstats is to high, the marketplace price for Enchantementstone = over 179g )

Class: Witch/Witcher
The Skills with Ground-Attak need to change to Enemy-Attak ( To Much Skills with Ground-Attak )
Class: Ranger/Archer
This Class is missing the Frond-Dash he got just Backjump ( For a Ranger low Agil, all Rangeclass got Frond-Dash without Ranger )
Class: Guardian
The Chain-skills need longer Aktivtime and higher Agrotimmer ( He Need a 20m Agro-Call with over 200% Agro or Change the Chains )
Class: Assasin
This Class needet Change Mainweapon ( This Class have a problem he have to Enchantement 2 Weapons, Change the Dagger-image to Douppledagger-Image as one weapon )

Dungeons:Tomp of The Wyrm
At Entrance of this dungeon need a MapTeleport( not DungeonTeleport,only a Mapteleport )
Moneydrop at this dungeon from Boss : max 70 silver, from another lower 50-60 dungeon u get over 60g

The Coldowntime Legendary ( alle legendarys ) , is to high over 1 hour ,Change it to 1 Hour
The Drops if u droppet at all Legendarys ( for lowergearet player The chance to drop the same gear from Heroic Steps ) - ( It is not priority one guild at one server to gearup )

Rebirth after Dead: The Ellun-Price To High 6 Elluns for 1 Rebirth ( Chane it to one or 2 Ellun )

Chat: Opening a Worldchat for intensive for soziale Contact with his server ( The Megafone is outade )

Dropbuffs: DropTalisman,dropBuff and anyone dropitems dont work at Dungeons !!! with this and without is the same droprate ^^
This game need a AccountBox (for all Accountchars - for not Tradeble items from Shop if u change ur Mainchar )


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