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[SUGGESTION] Dungeon Level Sychronization and more

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As the title suggests, synchronize the level of a character when they enter in a dungeon to the dungeon's max level so it will be as hard in every level. For example let's say that Heroic Lavalight Cave's max level is level 18, if any character above lvl18 enters then their level drops to 18 until the dungeon is finished. This also mean that they can only use the skills up until level18 and have their dps dropped to a certain amount. For example if Lavalight Cave's equipment fully tempered has 9k dps then the dps -if higher- will drop to 9k. Of course that means that we would get the drop of a lvl18 player with 9k dps. That would encourage people to do old dungeons as well and even form parties etc.

The second part is level based channels. Hakanas highlands is a lvl10-20/25 if I'm not mistaken, you could have one or two channels for the players around that level and then have a third channel for the level 30 players with lvl30 monsters and corresponding amount of gold/ loot. The channels could be level locked but that would be an issue on taming familiars (a solution to that is to lower respawn times). Anyway let me know what you all think.