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Translators for German and French

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Hello Riders,

The ICARUS Team has had challenging times localizing the last major update we've had. In light of this, the team is now actively looking for amazing riders that can translate English to German or French and vice versa. We welcome anyone who are able to apply by replying to a forum thread over here (Forum Thread) for us to be able to contact you as soon as possible. As a reminder for your privacy, please avoid posting your personal details or any information about yourself in the forums. Wait for any of the official GMs (GM Cryonize, GM Phoebe, GM Arch_Angel, or GM MeWo) to message you for security. If you don't receive any message from the Official GMs after you've applied, don't worry, we're either pretty busy or in the middle of vetting people that have applied before you. In any case, we'll announce when the positions have been filled so you'd know.

TL;DR: The team is looking for translators with the following requirements:
* Must know ENGLISH and GERMAN or FRENCH.
* Active from 1:30AM - 10:30AM UTC.
* Awesome.

Benefits from being a translator for the team:
* 100,000 NX worth of in-game items per month. (Riders of Icarus ONLY)
* Your very own personal and exclusive title in-game.
* Become Awesome-er.

Only one German translator and one French translator will be accepted. Once both positions are filled, we will no longer be accepting other applications.



  • MrBIackMrBIack
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    Hello ,
    Im 22 years old and play this Game since January 2017.I work and play the most time in the evenings or nights.I really love this game and would like to help you out guys,with the German Translation.I speak German,Russian and English.
    If you would give me the chance I would be really happy.
  • Levi_z3Levi_z3
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    I'm 19y old, I play the game since September/October 2017, I still go in school but have sometimes time in my breaks :) , I'm mostly onine at 14 UTC((3pm CEST)(mo-fr)) and on the weekend the whole day(sa-so)(but I also can on the times 1:30AM - 10:30AM UTC) I speak very good german(main language) and my english is good too ^^
    The only time I maybe can't help much is when I have exams or when I'm not at home.
    Oh and I think it would be very great for the german players with the translation

    It would be very nice about a chance and maybe very funny :) ^-^ <3

    And for what you need this translater then? Support, Forum, Localization etc?
  • SoulHunterRekSoulHunterRek
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  • TiberianTiberian
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    i speak german english french and vietnamese but well for not even 100€ a month sound like slave work i get 100 euro alone from 1 page translating in germany gl^^

    and maybe nexxon should pay proper translator instead letting some kids doing this work and getting just more messy like it is already

    a professional translator earn like 35€ an hour! well in germany

    btw are the people who manage the server some kids who doesnt know what to do too?

    this seems like getting worse and worse

    and id help for free if they finally fire the guy who is doing the patches super mess up dc bugs etc etc and bugs from a year ago still not fixed
  • BlakODarkBlakODark
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    Hello NX Team! I would like to pick the chance to apply to be the Translator for French to English and vice versa. I'm a french speaker native and I used to learn English at school until I've succeeded the B1 afterward I gave try to the English First Certificate when I had hit the Engineering faculty. I have already worked for another MMORPG as a community representative but this was a job without any benefit in term of material, however, I definitely enjoyed it. This time I could be paid for less work? That is awesome! Also, I am one of your Legendary Founder who'd like to give a hand to the French community! :)
    Take care and thank you for reading.
    Have a nice day.
  • WiserorhWiserorh
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    I would like to be considered for the German translator position. I am well written in English and German, both my parents are born and raised German, and I play often.
    If there were an uncertain word or phrasing I would certainly have the resources to make sure it's said well and meaningfully instead of as a second language speaker.

    Ich möchte für die deutsche Übersetzerposition in Betracht gezogen werden. Ich bin gut in Englisch und Deutsch geschrieben, meine Eltern sind beide Deutsche geboren und aufgewachsen, und ich spiele ROI oft. Bei unsicheren Wörtern oder wort gruppe hätte ich sicherlich die Mittel, um sicherzustellen, dass das Wort gut und aussagekräftig ist, statt als Zweitsprache.

    And I also have a bit of a sense of humor and customer service experience so I'm unlikely to post pat responses that are not helpful to the reader.

    Thank you for your consideration! Vielen Dank!
  • CreamCream
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    Let us not get into personal discussions on this thread Rider. If you do not wish to apply for the program simply do not post here but if you have to say something regarding the program, you are welcome to PM/DM the staff mentioned above at any time.

    Edit: Any other post that is not related to applying or queries about the Translator Program will be removed and individuals may receive infractions accordingly.

    Thank you for your understanding.

    Have a nice day!
  • WiserorhWiserorh
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    Forgot to say I can actually be online/available for the wanted hours. ;-)
  • RayvyngamesRayvyngames
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    Hi i am a Content Creator and would like to apply as a Translator for English to German & German to English . You can also reach out to me on your Official Discord Server my Tag is Rayvyngames#3905 . I am available from 1:30AM - 10:30AM UTC
  • Pauloc99Pauloc99
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    Hi, I would like to apply for the translator job. I am french and I learn English for 13 years now, and I'm still at school in a mechanical spinneret. I validated my PET and my FCE exam 3 years ago. I began the game 1week and 4 days ago and it's my first time playing on a MMORPG Online. I do like the universe which mixes fantasy and PvE. Why do I want this "job" ? I'm bilingual in English and French so I'm well stead for it (I do speak German but not enough for doing a full translation xd). I'm available at night for sure so just send me a PM :) (on Discord for example) and of course I'm awesome :)

    Ps : I saw that the forum wasn't fully translated in French, so if you need someone, I'm the guy :D

    Interested by my general presentation ? Contact me on :

    - Discord : Pauloc#8530

    - Skype : cherpol99

    - Teamspeak

    - Social Media (I don't if it's needed but just in case xd)
  • SoulHunterRekSoulHunterRek
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