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Server Merge

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Hi, I'm sophieee and I'm a priest on Radan server (NA), I'm here to suggest and ask (please), for a server merge because there's no one ever online on Radan, the server is completely dead, there's less than 10 players playing actively, most of people just enter to do spire and that's it, people make partys on party board but no one enters, my suggestion to merge is with Baellas bcs from what I've heard, they're the second server less populated between the 3, and they're the 2 more active, standing behind of Teleo. So I think if Radan and Baellas merge it would be a good idea bcs people would have a motivation to play, seeing other people do stuff and everything, even if it's not with you, motivates you to keep playing (in my opinion). Ty :D


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    I will forward the sentiment to the team Rider! Thank you for your support!