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Turkish Support Team

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Some time ago I was asked to submit this suggestion to the forum, but I have found time to write to you now.
Despite the passing time, I have seen that a Turkish support team has not been established. There are too many Turkish players in the game.Despite this, Turkish insults are not punished. In addition, even in Steam Discussions, Turkish players are looking for solutions to the technical problems they experience in the game.
You don't have any Turkish support team in this regard.
Do you plan to establish a Turkish support team?

I was in charge of the support team of a Turkish-made game.I've imposed punishments on insulting players. My sub-unit had more than 50 support personnel.I was checking the penalties they gave and I was interested in the objections of the players. I also provided technical support with the information given to me by the game. I took part in the game's closed beta tests.

If you want to set up a Turkish support team, I and my friend would like to work with you.

Thank you. Best regards