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It seems that the players left in late 2017, why?

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When I browse through Forum posts and when I'm just googling for information, most of it was added in either 2016 or late 2017, as if people just left before 2018 came around. I know the game is pretty much dead in the full sense of the word, but I wanna know why. Was it a bad patch that changed everything and people rage quit or what?


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    Three words: lack of updates.
    We got lv60 cap, Idol class as well as Akrat map in july 17. Then nothing until he next supposedly 'big' update came, Scarlet Harbor, early 2018. Too bad it was an end game dungeon most casuals couldn't even run. :(
    Christmas and Easter events came and went and lo and behold Magician class was released summer 18 followed by the Turiman update in october after many delays.
    This as well as lack of communication caused a lot of players to leave the game.
    I stuck around until end of may 18 since I was waiting for the remaining community designed familiars to be released but in the end quit too.