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Guardians need a serious HP recover effect/skill!

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edited December 3, 2018 in Suggestions and Feedback
Hakain's Hammer is a joke. 50 HP per hit? And the buff lasts for what, 10 seconds? Meanwhile I'm taking up to 2.5k damage per hit in Tomb of the Wyrm Elite 3 on Alsacian +10 gear.
My thought would be to remove the Mana recover on a successful block and just replace it with a stronger verson HP recover instead. Have it so that you recover 5% of missing HP per successful block. That way you can have a much easier time soloing things. It feels like I'm forced to have at least one more person with me to do some medium difficulty dungeons. It just sucks. We need a serious HP recovery skill or give me a block that lasts for 5 seconds, so I can have it up all the time if I do it perfectly. Simple as that.