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Solo Classes - 2018

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I've levelled a Priest (twice) to the level 30-35 range and keep finding myself wanting to try something with a bit more punch during spare time as an alt-class. However, Priest x2 has spoiled me due to their sustain and ease of solo'ing. Sometimes I want to do a bit more PewPew but I'd hate to invest time into a class that could get X distance before solo'ing becomes impossible. With Priest it's a case of content being relatively easy and smooth, albeit higher difficulties often require a lot of patience. Cavern & Frost Keep have certainly slowed things down a bit.

I've tried assassin but I'm not keen on the dodge-for-avoidance aspect so I deleted it after solo'ing a few Lavalight Cave dungeons. I have no interest in playing the Trickster or Magician, and while Guardian would be my cup of tea, some older threads indicate it is extremely gear dependant. I hear Zerker is a nightmare that is best avoided. My first impression of Ranger and Wizard wasn't great but it's not like I gave Guard, Ranger or Wizard enough time to really judge.

So, aside from Priest, what passes for sustainable solo-classes these days? By sustainable I mean the least reliant on resources to survive (eg. doesn't require chugging potions or food 24/7 to survive dungeons on the road to max level).

Feedback welcome.