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Server Merge... Radan

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edited December 7, 2018 in Suggestions and Feedback
So.... I know I opened a ticket a month ago almost, but the situation of Radan is just getting worse and worse, every single day that passes by, there's really no one playing the game, my alliance that used to have up to around 40 players online every day, now it has barely 10... lol. I know I'm probably being annoying, but please pass this idea to the dev team, Radan needs a server merge. =/


  • CryptidianCryptidian
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    All NA servers and all EU servers need to merge into one in both regions. The player base is so tiny, there's no legit reason to have multiple servers.
  • GrizzlyUKGrizzlyUK
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    Server merges won't really help in the long term. Yes, you'll get a slight increase in player population for a short while, but the player population will continue to decline. If Nexon really wants the game to survive they must start making lots of changes and improvements within the game ASAP otherwise players will just continue to leave. Nexon is driving players away from the game faster than they're bringing in new players, most players have simply had enough of Nexons continued failures and are either leaving the game or have simply stopped making purchases in protest at the failures of Nexon.

    If you really want things to improve then you really need to look around at what's been going wrong for the last several months so you can understand why players are quitting the game.