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[FEEDBACK] What is this mess ?

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I was in Heretic at 16:21 UTC when Heretic die 1st time. I come now when he will spawn soon and only Pon was there at all three Ch. We kill Pon last time (at 16:21 UTC). On Discord isnt any info there about server reset or anything with that. I heard Nexon reset many times only one Ch at Akrat but what happend now ? [Edited by Moderator]is going on here and why we dont get any info on Discord ?


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    First of all, do not use any kind of unnecessary language to convey your issues on these forums as is against the Code of Honor and Nexon policy. Utilizing **** to attempt to bypass filters it carries the same consequence, after all, so please let's follow the rules.

    The issue you encounter do submit it to PSC so they can review the problem, Rider!

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    First of all start fixing bugs. I was report many bugs and they r not fix yet.

    Stop killing this game by the same "big" events like Summer event, Haloween event, Winter event what is 100% copy from last year events with the same dungeons and the same environment but little diffrent rewards.

    On Winter event we get chance to get mark but that mount wasnt spawn.

    When we get something new (drop in new dungeon, tempering pet/mount to +7) with good chance to get then very soon You kill that with drastic lower chance.

    When we write reports to support then we get answer from bot.