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The state of Riders of Icarus?

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Yo, hello guys I have been abscent from the game for about a year and a half now and I was thinking of returning, though there's one thing I need to know. What is the current state of RoI? Are people even still playing? Is it still worth playing? What's drastically changed over the past 17 months? I'm currently downloading the game as I type this so i'll soon determine most of this myself but thought i'd contribute to the forums a bit and maybe get some early answers.

Also, hope everyone had a good christmas and new year!


  • danniedannie
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    Sadly very few are still playing. i have stuck it out but most of the veterans seem only to show briefly now to complete what updates there are, or do the few events.

    IDK what to say @Farlord. Frankly I think I'm waiting for the lights to be shut off before I admit this game was a great concept but lack the motivation and insight to be run at it's full potential.

    Can't say it was a waste of time, that would imply i learned nothing and didn't have a blast. i did.
    But i will think twice the next time Nexon releases a game they seem incapable of running or caring about other than milking their customer base out of their money and time. Or treating them like a hunk of beef to be lead to the slaughter.

    Life's too short though to waste it, all we as those that did stick it out can hope for is that when this game is sold, that the next managers run it better and listen to their base.
  • GrizzlyUKGrizzlyUK
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    Not really much that I could add to what @dannie has already said. Player numbers have declined and is doesn't seem as though Nexon are bothered at all. As an example, they've just started the New Year's Rabbini Event which, as you'll see by reading the details, is restricted to those who have access to Cloying Wastes. Anyone who isn't high enough level is just .. ignored I guess. *shrug*

    These forums are pretty much a reflection of the game, hardly anyone around here anymore, hardly anyone in the game most of the time. Sadly we don't hear much of anything from Nexon anymore so we have no idea of what's happening, what's planned for the future, heck, just a whole lot of silence from Nexon. :(

    So, to sum it all up: What's the state of Riders of Icarus? Bleeding players and slowly dieing. :(