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Riventia of Freedom Taming Guide by SydolinEmuna

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“Riventia, unlike Antares, has the power to divide and cross dimensions on its own and can only be seen by wearing Borean jewelry. In order to summon Riventia, one must use the Dimensional Call: Riventia of Freedom which was created to attract Riventia into this plane of existence. The item is said to have disappeared somewhere in Aklan forest as soon as Zelnaris was sealed in the Demonic Stone. ”
― - From the "Myths of the Unknown"

Riventia of Freedom


Hi everyone! Today we will talk about Riventia of Freedom, it’s one of the most important heroic familiars in Turimnan Valley because it’s a seal is used to craft Antares Mark which is the strongest seal achievable in game atm.

How to achieve mark?

Unlike other familiars, Riventia doesn’t have a mark, instead, it has a summoning scroll and you need special jewelry set to tame it.”Boreal Jewelry Set”. Even if you fail, it’s alright since it doesn’t have a mark, you can try as much as you can while you are wearing the jewelry.

You can buy the jewelry recipes for 1k gold each currently from jewelry crafting NPC in Titan Crash Site.


Or you can directly drop the jewelry from the Tomb of the Wyrm Legendary Mode. They are bound in obtain. Which means once you roll and got it, it’s not tradeable.


You will need jewelry crafting stage 5 to learn the recipes and need to gather materials from Turimnan Valley. The Pieces drops from Insect legion Forward base elite mobs and Aklan berries drop from pretty much everywhere in the map.

After you achieve the jewelry, you need to drop the summoning scroll. The scroll drops from Tomb of the Wyrm in Legendary Mode and it is bound in obtain as well. Also, it has a small chance to drop from the elite mobs in the map.

Tip! : If you don’t have the jewelry set, but your friend does, you can summon the Riventia and your friend can tame for you! This requires a high level of trust though so you should be careful.


Summoning and taming

You can use the scroll anywhere in the map and summon Riventia. After you drop the health around %10 hp it should be tameable by the owner of Boreal Jewelry set. As I said don’t be sad if you fail, you can try as long as you have taming points.


Skills & Stats

You can see Active and Passive skills here and seal stone result at max level. See you at my next guide!