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skill books/ potions

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Instead of giving characters skillbooks the levels that they can easily get in game market, why not give the lvl 60 skill potion since no one makes these and there is no other way to get them ingame. Seems to me that would be more useful to more players.


  • NeoseptemNeoseptem
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    It's lv58 but I feel you, getting that skill is a pain in the rear. And on some classes it's not even that useful to begin with. <.<
    At least they could reduce the ammount of powder/blood needed or simply increase crafting success rate... or put it in monthly writ rewards NPC.
  • YllmathirYllmathir
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    At this level it's not that hard to make it.. The only issue is the real chance to get it done from crafting. I had to gather 1400 powders in order to have success. So I feel the pain to get it done in a decent amount of time.

    The classes that can easily gather mats are:
    Tank, Magi, Sin

    For the other classes or it's a little hard if not well geared, or it's just long (as priest).

    The tips are:
    - Get in a group of at least 3-4 players even if they are far from you the drop rate seems to work anyway;
    - Buy some and gather the most by yourself in order to reach the amount needed in less time;
    - Try to duo with a friend;

    A part that.. Good Luck in crafting. ;)