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Ancient Turimnan Alloy RECIPE

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WTB Ancient Turimnan Alloy RECIPE!!!!! (yes I know its not in the game)
What sadomasochistic dev decided "hey why don't we just NOT put in a recipe for Ancient Turimnan Alloy so there not enough to go around". We all need it but can not get our gear made, never win the drops, none in the AH/Market Broker, price gouging. Oh and 32 of them come on!

When are gonna put this into the game?


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    This topic has been covered in the past by our Gm's. The answer is that it will not be changed as is intended by the developer to be as is at the moment. The western version of Icarus in this aspect is as the eastern version as well, Rider!

    I do understand the point you make but in this case, this will not change, sadly!