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Soluna the Spiroon Taming Guide by SydolinEmuna

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“It's said that the Spiroon was born on the night of the blood moon. Their fascinating tail silky smooth fur is what makes them popular with the ladies but it's most distinct features are their eyes. With its two eyes resembling the sun and the moon, granting them their powers. One particular story of Soluna the Spiroon has been talked about for so many generations to the point that it has become a legend and more of folklore. ”
― - From Familiar Collector Cronalil's "Fantastical Beasts"

Soluna the Spiroon

Hi everyone! Today we will talk about Soluna! This familiar looks so cute and fluffy! One of the best pets in the game atm thx to its awesome buffs!

How to achieve mark
First, you need to drop the recipe in Tomb of the Wyrm Legendary mode. You need to have level 4 barder crafting to learn it. If you are really lucky you can drop the mark itself directly from the dungeon.

One of the materials drops here as well: Dark Moonstone


Fain Sunstone is achievable through a daily quest in Aklan Forest.

You will need Gorgos Seal as well you can find it at the north of Berakan Village at Akrat Plains. You can get Gorgos marks from Heretic, Elder’s Bastion and Familiar adventure.


Location and respawn time

Soluna is in Aklan Forest which is one of the best looking places in Turimnan Valley. The respawn time is 10 hours. Which means it will respawn 10 hours later after it’s killed or tamed.


Skills and stats

Here you can see active and passive buffs and seal stone stats. Its active buff is very powerful granting you %20 overall atk also another active buff heals you.



  • hoangXDhoangXD
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    I have a question where do you get the intricate familiar orb ?
  • SydolinEmunaSydolinEmuna
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    Hey hoang ! They drop from elite mobs in Turimnan Valley and also in dungeon , Tomb of the Wyrm :) You can also craft them ^^