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Wake Up Nexon! [Feedback/Suggestion]

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I've been here since the Open Beta and I saw so many things but now I think it's time for Nexon to wake up for real and understand this situation.
Eu Servers are kinda dead, activities during morning/night are almost zero, not many parties, nothing interesting to do. During afternoon and evening there are little more players but not enough for say that it's ok.

Sadly players are leaving, also this week we lost more players that will be followed by others soon. How long you going to ignore this fact? I'd suggest a merge and keep only 2* EU and 2* NA servers up.
Time ago we had more than 100 players per class, and we could easily track it by ellora's spire ranking, now we barely have 40-50 with few exceptions and most of them are just alt characters.. If we remove alts I think 20* players per class left in every server.. *8 classes its around 160..
Do something about this!
I think that RoI is not a bad game, but needs some work in order to make it even better and keep players busy and satisfied.
Let's see it in detail:
ROI suffers lot of bugs and we often told you how they show up, when, we added screenshots and so on, but you keep ignore everything from your players (Customers?). Since you ignored many of them, we experiencing very annoying situations:
  • - Farm Bug: You go in farm you see it upgraded (Corral) but it's not. Change area (loading time) re-entrer (loading time).. FIX IT! If the crafting station it's correctly refreshed why corral doesn't? Check your scripts once and for all and get rid of this bug;
  • - Pets Bug: I've been the first during RIFT to add screenshots and description about this bug, but well many contents have been released in all this time and guess what? We still experiencing this annoying bug! FIX IT!
  • - Mount Bug: I get occasionally dismounted from Mounts, it's not like before (at least) but can happen mostly in Akrat/Turiman. Never got it in another region.
  • - Mount Bug 2: You summon mount but it disappear instantly without even showing up.. It's not a new bug, so you should have focused a bit more on this bug 'cause in order to fix it we have to logout and relog. FIX IT!
  • - Familiar Skillbar (Y): I've already made screenshot, attached and showed you guys how it occurs this bug that doesn't refresh familiars slot after taming. We can't interact in an way on minimized skillbar. FIX IT!
  • - Pets Debuff after death: I still consider this a bug 'cause if players once ressed/revived don't suffer of any debuff, why pets does? We ress them, they die again and again and again. Unless you are a priest you consume only stamina's potions. FIX IT!
  • - Riventia Summoning Scroll: I had the time to leave the game for almost 2 months, get back and see that this scroll still not dropping.. There are players that never won it at rolls when it was available and now they can't complete collections 'cause NOBODY drop it.. FIX IT!
  • - Turiman World Boss: Nobody kill him, nobody cares about him.. Has been bugged since the start due to loot bug.. 1*chest and bad loot in any case.. FIX IT!
  • - Zelnaris tempering/Refining: We simply can't do nothing once we craft Zelnaris, having it half good half bad after so many tries and can't refine/temper.. well it sucks! FIX IT!
  • - Gold drop in TOMB Elite/Heroic: Few silvers at this level it's ridicolous!! EB Elite/Hero pays more! And what about lv 130 Jewel tempering? Really? At this level? It's a lv 40 legi drop, we simply don't need it! Better add heroic set parts that at least are worth 1g+ at merchant. FIX IT!
  • - Gold Drop from Elites in Turiman: At the time in Akrat we were used to see 1g or such from elites, here we get few silver, basically the same of common mobs, it's not normal. FIX IT!
  • - Can't enter dungeon: even if has been reduced a lot, this bug occasionally occurs and we can't do nothing except relog.. Get rid of it once and for all!
  • - Chat bug after killing 1st boss in FK: Once we kill this boss, we can't read nothing in ALL/GENERAL.. Nor announces, nor drop, nor party/whisp..
These are the most annoying bugs and you should focus on them ASAP!

Now let's talk about content and such things..
LONG LONG TIME AGO... You said "We going to revamp Tempering System", well, nothing changed! No news, nothing of nothing!
LONG LONG TIME AGO... You said "We going to add Ellora's Spire for Groups", well, nothing changed! No news, nothing of nothing!

We clearly having bad time in this game for many reasons, like refine a single necklace 56* times for turning it perfect.. YES 56*!!! 20* Each piece of gear, without talking about Honing...
Why don't you play a bit your own game and look with your eyes how bad can it be at times? Ofc we can get lucky, but I don't think that you can run a game that is luck based.
Even taming requires a revamp, after you fail Soluna 11* times and you get it only with Fated.... well, it's like a loser reward and not everyone have the time to afford the price (since players are low, price went higher and higher).

Want to talk about the time required to fish for getting a chance to enter paradise island? Do it like Shady Warrens, we go there, we buy few fishes and we can enter paradise. Would be great for those that can't leave their pc turned on h24 for fishing required mats.
You can't run a game thinking that only no-life players play in it. There are workers that likes RoI but had to leave 'cause it's too demanding under many ways. You'd kept those players if you could reduce the time required to enjoy the contents..

I could spend more and more words talking about RoI and his history, but for what? Maybe you will not even read this thread since we are not talking about an Ellun bug or such that you INSTANTLY FIX. How efficent you can be on those bugs eh? Patch on the day after, but I NEVER seen this happening even during the worst bugs that turned players angry for WEEKS.,

I just want to tell one more thing..
We all experiencing mini-freezes, lag and total Freezes latelly, if you have time when you finish to care about your money maker (aka SHOP), well, fix this too..


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    Thank you for your opinion and feedback over so many of these well-known issues. I will make sure that your time and effort is forward and reviewed with due time and diligence. Once again, thank you and we appreciate that you have remained with us through all of these past years and ordeals that come with it.

    Have a nice day, Rider!

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    What about lv. 200 Jewelry Tempering Stones.. We need them for tempering Temmajin Set. Do you think to add it anytime soon?
    I forgot about Daily Legendary Quest in Tomb which still says "[Elite]" instead of "[Legendary]".

    And as last one suggestion that never had an answer: It's years that all games gives the chance to block SkillBars in order to avoid to move or accidentally drop out a skill during fights. Why in the 2019 we still don't have this option in RoI?
    We can block chat windows but not skillbar..
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    Yeah Well, I'm back for this post.
    Have another bug i think most may not have noticed yet as it just happened to me when i tried moving back to the Titan platform after capturing Tolus with a fated mark.

    First it did the usual crash. Nothing new there. But what it did afterwards was.

    It sent a crash report to Nexon. Then when i tried re-logging, it said unable to verify email and to please send code. I went to my email to do so and nothing. And yes i waited a good 30 minutes and even checked the spam folder. Again nothing.

    I then restarted the launcher by logging out, got it to log back into my acct. only to have the wheel of doom keep spinning. After a minute it stopped and gave me the launcher "play button"again.
    Then I tried something different.

    I logged into my alt acct i set up for the extra characters i have beyond what they allow. i got as far as the char screen before that crashed, but no report this time. Gave me an error and said to try again later.
    So i did the only thing left for now. i logged into my Steam acct to see if that too was affected. Got it to log me back in. Hopefully it fixed something but I'll post back here and in bugs later if it still refuses to let me play by Nexon Launcher again. i will more than likely do a fresh restart of my comp just to see.

    In the past I was the one of those usually trying to help ppl that have issues playing this game that have evolved since this game went out of open beta; where they seemed to stop caring how this game ran.
    But there comes a time when the usual fixes won't work and the go around won't either(E.I. trying the launcher from the data files.) it seems maybe we're getting there.

    I guess what I'm trying to say is that they have seemed to have lost interest in how this game runs and not only are the old bugs still alive and well, but new ones are beginning to show themselves from the ashes of the old ones.
    Kinda sad this. the game was really unique and now it seems they frankly just want what we spend and give us little back for our money.