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Hadakhan's Underground Labyrinth

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 Hadakhan's Underground Labyrinth
~ Echoes of Hakanas ~

"Forgotten was the Golden Age of Hakanas, Hadakhan - The king of Exarahn Kingdom was the one to lead his people to the Golden Age 2000 years ago, all was flourished and everything was advancing rapidly, but all of it changed when they were invaded by the Imperial Legion, it was chaos and nightmares. It was at that invasion that brought the catalyst for the Golden Age to reach its inevitable end, amongst the invasion the king’s son was killed, that brought great discomfort to King Hadkhan, he became desperate, twisted, and corrupted hearing and reliving his son’s death amongst all others and that lead him to make questionable decisions which greatly crippled the kingdom.

Amongst those decision is to make an underground laboratory hidden inside a labyrinth. In the labyrinth was criminals – the worst of the worst – locked inside, all of them were for the laboratory experiments – orders from the King himself just to resurrect his son – most of it are inhumane and was kept a secret from the outside, but echoes are heard.
Now the criminals are breaking out, twisted and mutated just like the lost king’s desires. Defend and withstand the corruption that seeks out for the lands of Hakanas. Silence the Echoes of Hakanas."

Details: Hadakhan's Underground Labyrinth



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    Why did you reduce the drop in the new dungeon? Thanks to him,the game revived, began to download new characters.Now again people will lose interest.
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    an please add Riventia to the mark boxes.. :P
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