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The Riders Council

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How it works
The Riders Council is an advisory system that will aid our Ellora's Guardians (GM's) with a wide variety of subjects in which the RC (Riders Council) will be consulted to deliberate and assess ideas, promotions, in-game status, etc.. This discussions/sessions will be analyzed and format to a predetermined system that can be or will be in some cases sent to our Dev's for implementation and/or consideration, per case basis that is.

The goal
Our intention is to have a group of individuals that will represent the community from each Region NA/EU and by its specific servers accordingly. In this manner, these Riders can bring to light every and any situation/suggestion globally or by its own location (Region/server) respectively.

Here are some guidelines that will need to be followed in order to maintain the role as an RC within the community.
- RC members must behave gallantly at all times as he/she will be representing a vast number of Riders from the community.
- RC members verify the RC Discord channel on a daily basis.
- Must provide suggestions/answers to CM/GM's/Mod's requests as soon as possible.
- Provide ideas/suggestions/reports periodically from a general in-game related perspective and/or their own respective Region/Server.
- ToS and Nexon Policy must be followed at all times.

- Must provide IGN, Region, and server
- Have a clean record in our systems (No bans or policy violations).
- Be willing to answer questions from the community since you are representative of a predetermined sector.
- Follow Non-disclosure agreement

- Privy to information that can be considered official or as for example; future content of in-game or sales related subject among other topics.
- Exclusive Discord Role and name display above everyone within the community.
- Exclusive in-game title that identifies you as a Riders Council member.
- Periodic interaction in-game with our GM's (at GM's discretion)
- Additional incentives at CM discretion depending on Riders cooperation
- More incentives coming in the future...

Current Riders Council Members
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