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[GUIDE] The Lucky Box System

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What are Lucky Boxes?

Lucky Boxes are items you can purchase in Ellora’s Shop to acquire a random special skin that can change the appearance of mounts. Lucky Box skins come in three different options to choose from:

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Ground Familiar Skin Lucky Box
Grants Riders one random ground familiar skin (Rank A - C).

Aerial Familiar Luck Box
Grants you Riders a random aerial familiar skin (Rank A - C).

Premium Familiar Skin Luck Box
Grants Riders one random aerial or ground familiar skin (Rank S - B) so you can receive a higher quality skin.

You can view all the possible options from each of the Lucky Boxes here>>

Dismantling and Trading Your Lucky Box Skins

Didn’t get the skin you desired or received duplicates? Don’t fret, brave Rider! You can use an item called a Familiar Skin Dismantling Tool to convert your skin into Lucky Box Coins. These Lucky Box Coins can be used with an NPC to exchange for a skin of your choice!

[STEP 1] Purchase a Familiar Skin Dismantling Tool with Elluns from the Ellora’s Shop located under the Lucky Box tab.
image image

[STEP 2] Right click on the Familiar Dismantling Tool which will highlight all of the Familiar Skins available to dismantle in your inventory. (See picture of Familiar Dismantling Tool below.)

Left-click on the desired skin and a pop up will appear to begin the dismantling process. Please note that if you click Confirm this process will permanently dismantle the skin.
image image

Once dismantled, you will receive Lucky Coins. You will have a chance to extract between 5 to 20 Lucky Coins depending on the rarity of the Familiar Skin. Higher rarity skins give you more coins.

[STEP 3] You can now exchange Lucky Coins with the NPC “Lucky”. You can find her in Victory Plaza in Hakain’s Crossing where she is ready to exchange the Lucky Coins for a mount skin of your choice!

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