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[GUIDE] Activating Premium Service

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What is Premium Service?

Premium Service is a special service for the most dedicated Riders! Premium Service is available in 30, 90, or 180 day increments. During that time, you get access to a special package of items to really help you get going in Hakanas! Premium Service activates as soon as you right-click the Premium Service Ticket in your inventory, and it applies to all characters on your account .

Each level of Premium Service offers the same items, just for a longer duration of service. Every 24 hours, you can activate a Potion Bundle, containing 20 Health Potions, and 20 Familiar Stamina Potion.

You also receive a Premium Buff that offerings the following benefits:
• Characters gain 20% more EXP
• Familiars gain 20% more EXP
• Taming success rate is increased by 10%
• Quest Ellun reward bonus is increased by 100%
• Auction listing fee decreased by 10%
• Auction sales fee decreased by 10%
• Increase in monster gold drops by 10%

But that’s not all! With three special free passes, you receive free use of the Transit Shrine, the ability to summon a Storage NPC, and the ability to summon an Auction NPC. These items will be removed from the players inventory when their Premium Service runs out.

Where can I purchase Premium Service?

You can purchase Premium Service in Ellora’s Shop under the Special tab.

How do I activate Premium Service?

Premium Service activates as soon as you right-click on the Premium Service Ticket in your inventory.
image image

Double click on this icon to receive the Potions mentioned above. The premium service icon appears at the bottom left corner of the game window.

Will Premium Service be Account Wide?

Yes. Upon activation, it will apply to all the characters on account New characters created after the Premium Service begins will also receive the benefits. You will receive this message when you right-click on the Premium Service in your inventory below.

EXAMPLE: If you purchase a 60 Day Premium Service Pack the counter activates as soon as you right-click on the Premium Service Ticket in your inventory. If you create a second character 1 week later, that second character will start with 53 days of Premium Service remaining.

Does Premium Service Stack?

Yes. Premium Service does stack if you activate multiple coupons. If you have Premium Service activated already and activate another, you will receive this message below. For example if you purchase 180 days of service and an additional 90 days of service you will receive in total 270 days of Premium Service.

How can I tell when Premium Service expires?

A countdown will appear at the bottom left corner of the game window indicating the duration of your Premium Service left.
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