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Berserker Sucks


  • RhdfRhdf
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    Zerks are squishy but str con and crit are your 3 amigos. you dont want to dodge, and honestly, you dont need health. You will realize later in game sins are SUPER squishy. but they have HUGE damage. and in all honesty when im on my zerk me and the sin die a few times. but we get rezzs guys. priest rez happens anytime. so its not that bad. just play to end game and focus on the 3 amigos and trust me youll be fine. also, look for Cast time reduction and it will help. we are immobile but we crit...and crit HARD.
    No health on zerk ? LOL
  • SethGureSethGure
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    berzerk doesn't suck ,you just need some guiding .
  • AlleyanaaaAlleyanaaa
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    As someone who is one of the best zerks on hakain [na] This is totally wrong, Sure you can die quickly but if you know how to DSC (double strike canceling) and you know how to dodge aoe attacks in general with the fury thrust and arent a total fool who doesnt temper or get better gear from dungeons, you should be doing fine. Spend some time running lavalight with a friend or another person of your level for the gear and orbs then sell them on the auction and buy some new gear and seals. In riders even with a raw dps class things do have class roles. You cannot pull everything as a zerk with no priest and expect to live. if a boss is beating you and you are DSC'ing properly and doing the right combos you should get some better gear or a priest to help you. The problem isnt a lack of the class its mostly the game not holding your hand well, and in a lot of cases people not knowing how to play zerk. I recommend you look into Vrooms Zerk guide or Tyruis guide in zerk class discussion
  • VroomVroom
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    @Alleyanaaa Please keep in mind... Necro Bumping is against the code of honor You'll get warned for this and /lock thread.
    But also, thanks for the shoutout at the end. image
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