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Birds of Burden

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This quest "birds of burden" asks me to get 3 "sealed akrat glider" but im not sure what to do. i tried taming and killing the akrat gliders in sea of hakanas... nada.

Please help..


  • UkkirkUkkirk
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    Tame them and seal them into common stones.
  • CreamCream
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    Ok, follow this step by step:

    Right there by the gliders is the Construction Site. Talk to the NPC female looking werewolf on her shop there is a tab for magic items. There you will see the Seal Stones, you only need the cheap ones or level 10 ones.

    1- Buy 3 Seal stones (level 10)
    2- Put one or 2 shots on the Akarat glider so it stops moving around for easier taming and tame it.
    3- Seal the Akarat Glider by right clicking on the Seal Stone and choosing the bird (you have to be on another mount to do this process or on ground off the intended beast to be sealed)
    4- Do this 2 more times and turn in the quest

    I hope this helps and if not please PM and will gladly help!
  • JaniformJaniform
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    Does the NPC keep the sealed birds?
  • TacypocTacypoc
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    Janiform wrote: »
    Does the NPC keep the sealed birds?