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Regarding Spawn Timers

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Pretty much this is the view for everyone trying to tame this Familiar and also you can fail.

The HP for this familiar is ridiculous and the spawn timer every 2 hours. This is absolutely Insane! Like who in the world even decided this. People have been complaining because of this. It's even caused people to quit the game.

Spawn timer's in this game have to be fixed or shortened.. For someone such as myself who got all 3 Heroics. I have absolutely no reason to complain but i'm complaining for the newer releases.

Pretty sure as i post this the reply is gonna be "We're looking into this and we understand your concern" I don't mind this reply but i'm just stating your gonna lose players this way and please do something about this.

People want these mounts even though we know, there's gonna be better familiars later on! Do something for these timers.

Reduce them or make them instance based so everyone has a chance towards the familiars.

It would bring in Guild Play, Teamwork, Co-operation. People will be happy! And it gives everyone a fair chance towards taming them all!

Make the grinding for recipes harder. Doesn't matter that brought me and my guild closer together as we co-operated and helped each other out!

Just a suggestion. You may disagree with me, that's fine with me but thought i'd help out and provide some insight in how players are feeling right now.
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    For as long as people have been complaining, it's amazing to me that it doesn't seem like there has been much of anything done about it-- especially with the event going on, and many players missing out on the rewards because they cannot tame either Agnas or Garme. On every server at least one of the two is a huge problem; either there's some guild camping Agnas and spawn-killing it for Dragon Hearts, or there's this going on with Garme, where roughly two dozen people are all vying for the same mount that takes two hours to respawn. Too much demand, and not nearly enough supply. It's a mess.

    Odds are it will clear up a lot after the event, but by then it will be too late.
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