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[JUNE 29] Head Start and Open Beta Launch Notes

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We’ve been working hard after the final Closed Beta, and we’re happy to announce a number of important updates and content additions as we go into Head Start and Open Beta! Take a look at the newest features we have added:

Table of Contents

Major Updates

Cash Shop

  • Ellora’s Shop is now available! Get your hands on exciting items such as:
    • Ellun Packages
    • Premium Service: Available in 30, 90, and 180 day durations
    • Familiar Skin Lucky Boxes for both aerial and ground familiars
    • Six New Costumes including: Captain Uniform, Commander Uniform, Red Qipao, White Qipao, Pegasus Suit, and Hakanas Suit
    • For more information on the updates in Ellora’s Shop, click here.


  • You can now earn achievements as you play! Track your accomplishments as you play through the game and complete specific feats and objectives.
    • Achievements will be based on different types of gameplay including
      • Hunting specific types of creatures
      • Winning a specific number of PvP Duels
      • Taming a specific number of familiars
      • Completing dungeons on specific difficulties (Explained a bit further down
    • Repeatable Achievements that will reward Elluns are also available
      • These are repeatable daily, weekly, or monthly and are based on different types of gameplay
      • Difficulties: Normal, Elite, Heroic

Familiar Skins

  • Familiar skins are available from events and can also be purchased in Ellora’s Shop:
    • You can view the skin options for the various familiars by going to the Bestiary. The Bestiary will show you the wide variety of familiars that you can capture as well as display the different types of obtainable skins.
    • Skins are separated into categories by different types of beasts: Steeds, Hunters, Brutes, Crawlers, Draconic, Birds, Others, Etc.
    • These categories are further broken down based on the type of creature. For example, Dragons and Drakes fall within the Draconic category while a Griffin, Eagle, Owl, Songbird or Phoenix would fall within the Birds category.

New Customizations

  • Your options to customize your character’s look and feel has now expanded and includes the following options:
    • Hair Styles
    • Beards
    • Presets
  • Beauty Shops (Beautician) have now been added to the game.
    • Turn in a Character Customization Voucher to change the appearance of your character.
    • NPC Edie can be found in the Market District of Hakain’s Crossing.



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    Closed Beta Brethren Cape Event

    June 29 – July 20

    • For those players that joined in one or more of our Closed Beta tests, you can pick up your collectible gold or silver Dragon Cape.
    • Click here for details on this event.

    Open Beta Celebration Event

    June 29 – July 20

    • All Riders can receive a FREE Dragon Fire Shoulder Raven just by logging in!
    • Click here for details on this event.

    Dungeon Dominator Event

    June 29 – July 20

    • Complete one of the following dungeons (Lavalight Cave, Carleon Manor, or Ruins of Matren) at different grades (Normal, Elite, and Heroic) to earn equip items.
    • Collect the full set to get an additional bonus.
    • Click here for details on this event.

    Summer Attendance Event

    June 29 – July 26

    • Every day, you can get a free item just for staying logged in for 30 minutes.
    • Click here to learn more about this event.

    Hakanas Coin Event

    June 29 – July 27

    • Complete daily Achievements to earn Hakanas Coins.
    • Then exchange your coins for one of four random boxes full of rewards.
    • Click here for details on this event.

    Guardians of Icarus Head Start Livestream

    • Join Community Manager CuddleWings and GM Zinyden in the very first Guardians of Icarus Livestream.
    • They will play and talk with players, as well as give out in-game prizes!
    • Click here for details on this event.

    Bug Fixes and Known Issues

    Bug Fixes

    • Players can now get up to the plateaus of The Broken Caldera where Scalleda resides. Attack Redfeather Eggs to summon Scalleda.
    • The optional quest “Defeat Attaius” can now be completed.
    • The issue that caused enemies to occasionally alternate between targeted and not targeted while using Action Mode has been resolved.
    • An issue with the camera zoom feature has been fixed.
    • UI text and windows have been improved.
    • Improvements have been made to CPU and framerate.

    Known Issues

    Although we try to resolve every bug, some issues do slip through. Here are the current known issues for Head Start and Open Beta. If you run into any of these, please do not file a Bug Report. Know that we’re aware of them and they will be corrected in the future.

    • The following aerial familiar skins (Luminous Benthic and White Benthic) currently have texture issues.
      • This will be fixed in a future update.
    • The Priest skill ‘Divine Comfort’ is missing a description.
      • This is a ‘self-heal’ skill.
    • The item ‘Taming Points Potion’ can be used even when players have full taming points.
      • This means that you could accidentally waste your Taming Points Potion if you use it while your points are full.
    • The Bestiary entry for Albino Ashtail is cut off, and the taming conditions are unclear.
      • You can check the Wiki page for information about how to tame Albino Ashtail.
    • The Bestiary entry for Scalleda has missing information.
      • Attack Redfeather Eggs in Broken Caldera for a chance that Scalleda will summon to protect its eggs. You can also check the Wiki page for information.
    • The Bestiary entry for Pluto doesn’t explain how to obtain it.
      • After Brakarr Gallant is killed in Hakain’s Crossing, there is a small chance that Pluto will summon. You can also check the Wiki page for information.
    • The Red Qipao outfit appears black on male characters when previewed in Ellora’s Shop, and when equipped.
      • The Red Qipao outfit is actually meant to be red, but is currently displaying as black for male characters.
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