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Welcome to Ethereal's recruitment page! We’re a friendly group of well-rounded individuals all here to enjoy the game as a group and help each other excel in our goals.

Features / What We Offer:
  • A helpful, friendly community
  • Discord Server
  • PvE Progression
  • Guild Buffs (More as we grow!)
  • Experienced Leaders & HRs
  • Dedicated & Active Members
  • Friendly to all (especially newbies)
  • Dungeon Raids
  • FUN
Prerequisites to Join:
  • Maturity
  • Friendliness
  • Activity (online at least 3 days a week)
  • Helpful where possible
Current Ranks:
  • Leader: @Travington
  • Co-Leader: @Krosis27
  • Council: Elders who have earned the full trust of the guild and shown they are responsible enough to hold the same level of authority as the Guild Leader & Co-Leader.
  • Elder: Officers who have held their position for a lengthy amount of time, and have earned the respect of the Guild.
  • Officer: The first “High Rank”, and as such consists of members who have proven they’re fully dedicated and that they can manage the Guild.
  • Champion: Dedicated members of the Guild who have earned the respect of the Guild’s community.
  • Warrior: Members of the Guild who are consistently active and eager to assist in anything.
  • Initiate: A newcomer to the Guild.
!!! We’re currently searching for people who are able to fill the roles of Officer+ ranks. Preferably those who have had prior experience in managing a community of some sort and/or those who are willing to be dedicated to the Guild. !!!

If you wish to join go ahead and send us a mail or whisper @ Travington or @ Krosis27 in-game, join our Discord & send Travington or Krosis27 a Direct Message, or reply to this Post. We’ll get back to you as soon as we can!


  • Gat_TheRipper69Gat_TheRipper69
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    Hey do you guys still have a spot open? :)

    Lvl25 zerk
  • SainterzaSainterza
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    edited July 24, 2016
    please send me a invite saintkoora, thank you
  • RdnkwarriorRdnkwarrior
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    edited August 2, 2016
    I am looking for a good friendly place to chill. I have a lvl 35 guardian but i am vey new to the game so i do not have all the seals or gear. Would like a good guild to run with. Name in game is the same.
  • IckIckIcarusIckIckIcarus
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    edited August 8, 2016
    Hey can i get an invite? I'm a level 22 wizard
    Ign: MeMagic
  • MangoMan13MangoMan13
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    edited February 3, 2017
    A little late to the game, but I'm looking for a guild, and you guys sound like a good fit.

    IGN: Nalomeli or Taba (One's an Assassin, the other a Ranger, can never remember which is which. Both at about level 17-18)