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[Na-Hakain] The Phoenix order

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We are the Phoenix Order. We are warriors of the Fire, born from the depths of the abyss. We were born to be gods, to be kings, to be... Legends. I am Aerius, one of the last survivors from the Wind Fire War. My job is to guide any young and brave souls, of ANY level, to a new era of success and legends. Join me, my brothers, and continue the legend of the Phoenix. Today, we may be small. Today, we may be weak. But TOMMOROW, we shalt be GODS!

And that's the backstory, now that we have that covered, time to talk about my guild. My name is Logan, or as you will all know me, Aerius. Aerius was actually my real name, but my mother wanted to change it. The name means perseverance, Rising high, and Together. In our guild, we are all equals, whether your a level 1 who can barely stay alive or a level 95 who never loses 100 health, we are all together. In my guild, there are no level requirements, granted you may not be able to participate in higher level battles or raids, but no worries, we will all help you become stronger.

We are a PvX guild, meaning we do anything. However, we are an honorable guild. We were not created to wage war with everyone. We will only fight if there is a reason to fight. Another thing, in our guild, everyone is each other's brother. Meaning, be kind to each other and love each other. We will be doing tournaments within our guild that involve dueling, but no need to fear, you don't have to participate and you can deny challenges if you want. But, you can also challenge anyone, no matter the differences.

While yes, there is probably more that I'm forgetting, whatever. The basis is, our guild is here to have fun, and help players succeed. And also to become legends and Gods! Whatever floats your boat as they say. If you want to just do some dungeon raids and play it casually, were here for ya. If you want to Go crazy in grinding and become powerful, were there for you too. And if you just need some help in getting better or just need some friends to play with, here we are. Remember everyone, you are my family, and family ALWAYS protects each other.

Just respond to this or find me in game if you would like to join! Have a great day!

Website (more like a crappy forum): http://phoenixorder.createaforum.com


  • HigrasHigras
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    Hey there!
    I'm a level 20 wizard and your guild sounds just like what I'm looking for. My ingame name is Aniel.
    I'd really like to join you.
  • RdnkwarriorRdnkwarrior
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    I have a lvl 35 guardian and would like to join a good fun helpful guild. Send me a message in game. Name is the same as on here.
  • IckIckIcarusIckIckIcarus
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    Hey I'm a level 22 wizard looking to join. My ign is MeMagic
  • DaxxilDaxxil
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    i would like to join your guild please :-) you sound like a good guild
    i have a level 17 berserker his name is Ironhaert
  • TearishTearish
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    I'm a level 19 assassin and my in game name is Tearish, i'm in NA, the guild sounds great :) also the "map" i'm in is hanakia (i think that's the name)
  • NahsoNahso
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    Do you have an age requirement? Looking for a family friendly guild that will accept under 18.
  • switchlinkswitchlink
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    i would very much enjoy joining your guild my ign is jalapenoface lvl 16 wizard
  • Grimwolf512Grimwolf512
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    edited January 18, 2017
    I am Gabrion. A level 29, almost 30, priest. I have heard the roar of your fire and wish to join your order of warriors.