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[GUIDE] How to Wizard by SamChan

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IGN: SamChan
Server: Velzeroth (EU)

Categories Covered in this Guide:
1)Stat Build Guides for Wizards
2)Talent Builds for Wizards
3)Recommended Familiar/Seals Guide for Wizards
3.1) Best Pets for Wizards
4)Skill Usage/Rotation for Wizards
5)General info, "tips and tricks", dungeons strategies


The stats you will need won't really change in the course of your leveling, it will just be a matter of higher rolls, nothing else will change.

I would classify the best stats a Wizard should always look for, from 1 to 5 (1 being the best and 5 being the less important):

1)INTELLIGENCE; even though intelligence is quite like magic attack, it works in a different way. 1 point of Intelligence is 1.50 magic attack. Meaning that you will need to prioritize Intelligence over magick attack. (this applies only on Staffs because the magic attack stat isn't possible to find in set pieces, you can only find intelligence).

2) MAGIC ATTACK; It would be better prioritizing Int over Magic Attack. But you can't apply this rule on everything. For example.

You should really prioritize Magic Attack on Necklaces rather than Intelligence because you're gonna find the Magic Attack stat in % rolls and not in a flat value. Plus intelligence on necklaces is always gonna be a low roll. So comparing a % value (which can still be useful later on in the game) to a flat value, % wins hands down.

3)MAGIC CRITICAL RATE; being the damage dealer in the party/raid requires having the most DPS out of all members. But how can you boost your output damage? Magic Critical Rate (and Magic Critical Damage) is the answer to your problem. The Crit rate is a % value which gives you a chance of performing a critical strike on the enemy, dealing way more damage than a normal strike (the damage boost will vary depending on your Magic Critical Damage).

BEWARE, crit rate can be dangerous because higher damage always means higher threat on the target. Put it this way:
The more Crit rate you have, higher will be the chances of you stealing aggro from your tank and that most likely means death. So be sure to always spam your Light Blast skill, which one of the effects reduces your threat on the target by 30%. This will help your TANK keeping aggro on the target and it will help you survive the dungeon ;)

4)MANA; i wasn't sure if to put Mana over Crit Rate or not, but i would say they're in the same level of importance, here's why:

Mana is very important to a Wizard because it's what makes you use your skills AND thanks to Mana Shield it's a way of survival as well. A good wizard will always have his MANA stat higher than his actual HEALTH. The reason for this is because, a wizard relies on his Mana Shield in .Every. Single. Occasion. (PvE and PvP)

Pro Tip: Mana Shield combined with Frozen Blessing is one of the most powerful (and annoying in PvP) combos in the game.

5) CAST TIME and COOLDOWN REDUCTION; i put these 2 in the same spot in this list because both of them are very good for a wizard. I would say CAST TIME is slightly better because wizards have a lot of cast time on 99% of their skills. On the other hand (for a more PvP oriented wizard) COOLDOWN is very good for spamming those skills.

And then i would place these stats randomly (maybe health over all of them) because they are not really the focus of a wizard's build:
Health, Magic Critical Damage, Willpower (and for PvP oriented Wizards i suggest PvP Resistance and PvP Defense).



This is the build im using and i think it's the most complete and generic, so it's the best build (for the current level).

Another valid build would be using the level 40 affinity talent Battle Magic which gives you a bonus 20% damage on Flame Trail (if you like to use that skill quite a lot) instead of Frost Fascination which, in my opinion, is the best one, because it gives 10% more damage to Ice Fang. The wizard skill rotation, is basically spamming Ice Fang, so you can see how this comes in handy ;)

For a PvP Wizard, the best talent you could choose is the level 40 Ice talent Cracks In The Ice which not only REDUCES enemy physical and magic defense by 2% for 10 seconds (stacks up to 5 times), so it would be -10% physical and magical defense (on 5 stakcs) but it also increases PvP attack power by 20%.


All of the mentioned marks can be purchased in the Auction House
Level 25:

It will be hard for you to tame heroics at this level and stage on the game. so i highly suggest you to tame some Elites. They will help getting some bonus damage and some critical rate % boost.
-The best Elite would be the Blue Bloodwyrm giving you Magic Attack and Magic Crit Rate.


Located in the Hakanas Highlands (as shown in the pic):


-Another Elite Seal you can use is the Gilded Benthic giving you Magic Crit Damage and Magic Crit Rate.


You can find him in the Sea of Hakanas (as shown in the pic):


For the Gilded Benthic you will need a mark called Ocean's Call which can be dropped or crafted. The Ocean's Call recipe and required components can all be found from farming Atadren, King Soriphen, or the raid boss Attaius.

-Last Elite Seal is Yvoke giving you Health and Magic Crit Damage if you prefer being a little more "tanky".

You can find it in the Sea of Hakanas (as shown in the pic):


Yvoke needs a mark to be tamed called Yvoke's Mark. The Yvoke's Mark recipe can be found from farming the little Striped Seawings that are found in swarms atop multiple pillars surrounding Fort Baellas, just outside of the fort to the North.
I don't suggest neither this one nor Gilded Benthic. Reason being, you need a mark for both of them, a.k.a. money and time spent to tame them, which in my opinion it's not worth.

Level 30-35+


-The absolute best out of all of them, for price, stats and difficulty of taming and finding the mark is:
Venomous Caspert giving All Attributes and Magic Attack.

You can find him in Parna's Coast (as shown in the pic):


In order to tame Venomous Caspert you will need a mark called Radan's Essence obtainable by crafting it or dropping it. The Radan's Essence Mark recipe can be found from Radan's Eye which is one of the two final bosses inside the Cavern of the Veil instance. Radan's Tear, Merumi Slabs have a very low chance of dropping off of the same boss.


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    Level 40

    Entering the Tritael Rift we will encounter more powerful familiars and seals.
    Such as:

    -Void Kargyle, giving All Attributes and Magic Attack, the difference between this and Caspert are the numbers, Void Kargyle has higher rolls than Venomous Caspert. so its harder to tame, price is higher and harder to get the mark for it, on the other hand, the numbers are really worth using this Beast!.


    The Rift is where you can find him flying at 830-880 mt (as shown in the pic):


    You will need a mark in order to tame Void Kargyle called, Kargyle Mark.
    Kargyle's Mark Recipe drops from Supreme Commander Izuhora who is located in the Breach dungeon. Pure Marrow is obtained through completing the daily quest "Wings of Death" from the Dragon Caldera Mission Board, which can be found on the southern island of The Lost Roost.

    - Femuto giving All Attributes and Magic Crit Damage. Can be usefull especially to PvP oriented wizards but not too much, my opinion? i dont recommend it.


    Femuto can be found in the Rift flying at 700-750 mt (as shown in the pic):


    Femuto needs a mark for the taming called Femuto Mark. Recipe can be dropped from the Boss Chaos Lord Izhora in Heroic dungeon The Breach.


    I will not cover pay to win pets as in, im not a pay to win player myself. I'd like to get stronger with in game effort, not with real life money

    -Rondo is hands down, the best pet you can get in game right now, can be sealed and used in your set seal slot as well. it gives you Health%, Magic Attack% and Movement Speed % (stats depend on the pet's level)

    It can be obtained by taming every familiar in the Parna's Coast zone.

    -Haunted Rabbini, who played long enough will have this pet, which at max level is almost a Rondo, since it gives the same stats but just with lower rolls.


    It could be obtained by playing during the halloween event in october.

    Less Good Pets

    -Taslan The Devourer giving Magic Attack % and increasing your Mana for 20 seconds.


    Can be found inside the instance in Brakarr Forest (as shown in the pic)


    Taslan even though it's an elite it requires a Mark for it, called Shadowbind Tome. Can drop from the Khabimist Mages in the Northern Ruin Instance or the Shamans in the Braghin War Camp.

    -Profane Apocalypse, one of the hardest mount to get because of the grind you need to do in order to get the full Austere set which will unlock the possibility to tame it. It gives Magic Attack % and PvP Resistance %.


    It can be found in the Exarahn Badlands (as shown in the pic):


    The Recipes can be purchased at the Bloodmoon Camp and you need the full Modest Hunter Set to craft it.

    Everyone of the mentioned familiars exept special ones like Haunted Rabbini and Rondo, can be found in Lair of Ienos.


    Use of the recommended skills function is highly suggested.
    Let's start by saying there's not much of an opinion here, the wizard skill rotation is pretty straight forward.

    In PvE you're not in a huge rush, since you're not supposed to be the one having the aggro on the target you can easily cast as many skills as you want, even those with a long cast time:

    Light Blast -> Thunderstorm -> Fire Storm [press R and link it with] -> Inferno Meteor ->{*} Ice Fang spam [until ice fang has cast time] -> Ember Bomb [max charge] {press R and link it with} -> Flame Barrage -> Ice Fang spam.

    In this skill rotation you're free to position Dark Affliction at your own will as long as its not used incorrectly or inefficiently. Bear in mind Dark Affliction can be useful to recover Mana, Health and destabilize the target, but at a big debuff cost.

    {*after Fire Storm and Inferno Meteor depending on your cast time reduction you can even add Hail Storm [press R and link it with] -> Glacial Meteor }


    If in PvE you have no rush of casting the skills because you dont have aggro on your target, in PvP it's very different:

    -Versus Guardians Start with a Thunderstorm placed right on them, immediately cast Frozen Blessing and Blink away as fast as you can -> when the Thunderstorm effects ends cast Dark Affliction and immediately after -> Ember Bomb + Flame Barrage combo -> Ice Fang spam [keep your distance as fasr as you can]. The reason why you wanna start by placing a Thunderstorm right on them is becasuse, their most spammed skill is the chain grab whch pulls you right on them. placing the Thunderstorm like this will keep them CC'd for quite a while, giving you the chance of walking away from them.

    -Versus Zerks the only thing that changes is how you start the fight: start by placing a Thunderstorm on yourself and right after cast Frozen Blessing -> copy and paste the previous skill rotation. The reason why this time you'll need to place the Thunderstorm on yourself, is because Zerks tend to start a fight by jumping on you and fearing you right after. But the Thunderstorm placed on yourself is forcing them to jump right inside of it and getting CC'd, letting you walk away freely.

    -Versus Assassins, don't... just don't PvP versus assassins, you can't win, unless they are extremely undergeared compared to you, but other than that... don't PvP vs Sins.

    -Versus Priests,you can't win either unless you are extremely overgeared compared to him.

    -Versus Wizards, Basically the first one who can cast a good Thunderstorm on the enemy wizard gets a big lead. Thunderstorm is a very good skill for CCs especially versus wizards, they usually have no PvP resistance and they can't Blink away from it for some reason.

    You can fill up gaps in your combo (depending on your cooldown reduction and cast time rediction) with Frost Bomb + Ice Barrage combo


    In this section i will cover general tips and tricks that can be useful to new wizards or even experienced ones (i will write them down as they come to my mind):


    It's one of the few things a wizard easily mistakes.
    You should always cast skills from a far, i would say to remain at the edges of your max range, literally. Reason? Well, being a ranged caster is an advantage believe it or not so why not use it at its full potential.
    Plus personally, few tanks can keep aggro on the target because of my damage, so basically everytime, i find myself in a situation where i steal its aggro, and i have to Kite (run away from the target while still hitting it).
    But if you already position yourself at a decent distance from the enemy, it will have to walk/run a few seconds before reaching you, giving you the advantage of some meters of distance where you can Kite in.
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    You should always keep your Mana Shield on at any time really.It's your absolute first source of survival. It basically works as a block and here's why:

    Let's say you have 2k mana and 2k Health. If an enemy hits you for 30k, the damage will Zero your mana but won't go through your HP at all. It's a life savior, it basically lets you make 1 free mistake without dying. Do you see how good it is now? Keep that Mana Shield up from now on :D


    The second source of survival for a wizard is Dark Affliction and i will never stop saying this, it's not only good for you (Mana and HP regen.) but it's very very good for your party/raid as well. If you didn't know, Dark Affliction recovers 1.5% Health and Mana of the 5 closest party or raid members each second (5 seconds) as well as restored sin's energy and zerk's rage to 100%, instantly.

    To make you understand better i'll bring an example. I've completed Legendary Lavalight 1 without priest, instead of the priest we had another wizard (spamming dark affliction as well as i was). That healing is very powerful not only for you but also for your party/raid members.
    Remember Though: Dark Affliction has a big debuff, decreasing your magic attack by 5% and increasing your cast time by 2% (stacks up to 5 times so: -25% magic attack and +10% cast time)

    I feel like i have to say something because i see so many wizards not knowing what their skills do. So, the last boss of The Breach dungeon (higher the difficulty, the more this guide will be useful) will cast a spell around 40-50-60% health called Immortal Resistance which is not too bad to let him finish casting, as the healing is very little compared to the other skill. Obviously if you manage to stop him from casting both of the skills the run will be smoother and faster, but for the first one, its not a big deal. The second skill he casts (at around 20-25% HP) has a longer cast time but has a bigger heal (around 70% hp heal) called Immortal Spell. This one is the main issue. How do we proceed to interrupt his casting?

    Well the optimal way would be reducing his destabilize stacks down to 1 or 2 left. So that as soon as he starts casting the spells you can easily spam Dark Affliction (and hope to crit) and your Light Blast (and hope to crit as well).

    The most efficent tactic to complete Lavalight Cave at Legendary difficulty is the "Wizard Kiting Strategy":

    It consists in a simple concept, and it's pretty straight forward even. The wizard will have to kite the last boss the entire duration of the fight. Why the Wizard in particular? Because as mentioned previously, the wizard has mobility (Multiple Blinks) and has a "Block" (Mana Shield) {see previous mana shield explaination}.
    What you will have to do very carefully is Building the initial aggro kiting without dying so you will keep that aggro for the rest of the fight even though your party members will keep attacking the Emberstone Golem. What to do now, just run, turn back after blinking once or twice and while moving cast a few Ice Fangs or Flamebursts (in this case only, i suggest spamming Flameburst because it applies burn on the target, meaning that you keep damaging the boss even when you're turnt around running) to keep damaging the boss, preventing him to heal up because of his regen.
    The boss will spawn several creatures (called ADDs):

    -Fragments: your guardian will have to get aggro of them fast, because Fragments will have instant aggro on who ever has Emberstone Golem's aggro. And that happens to be you. These guys will one shot your mana and one shot your HP bar, that's why it's so important for your guardian to be fast at aggroing them.

    -"Bombers": Bombers as i like to call them, are easily kitable by you, wizard. You will have to walk near themuntil you see they start casting the self explosion, and them easily walk away or for a safer escape route, Blink away. The explosion won't hit you. Be careful because your party members might do the same, and if you step on to a already triggered one, it might zero your mana and knock you down. That might be a problem since you have the boss following you. BE CAREFUL.

    -Archers: these are probably the hardest ones because once the arrow has left the archer's bow, it's very very very very hard to dodge it. I would say almost impossible. So that's another job for your guardian, to quickly get aggro on them and start killing them as fast as possible so they can come back and hit the boss. Here's my VOD for you:

    This is literally the easiest way of completing Lavalight Cave Legendary difficulty.

    The tactic you should use in this dungeon is pretty much what you're using already in legendary lavalight cave. Wizard Kites:
    You're gonna need to run around in circles kiting Carleon while your party hits him too.
    The only real hard challenge comes when the boss spawns ADDS at around 40% hp. there will be something like 20-30 adds spawned all at once.
    Best tactic to not die and kill them all. Your tank will have to aggro every single one of them while the priest makes him invincible (tank is gonna need invicibility cause adds almost one shot tanks. at L1, especially Wizard adds). He will lure them outside of the castle and the whole team is gonna mount up and shoot them all(needs to be done mounted cause the only way to dodge mages attacks is to sprint on mount).

    Tank needs to be prepared and needs to be fast at aggroing them all, if this doesn't happen fast enough you will automatically have all the adds aggro and you will certaintly die.tanks, be carefull not to aggro the boss with you Hakan's Grasp otherwise you will reset the boss too. (as shown in the VOD)
    If executed correctly you won't even get hit.
    Here's my VOD with my point of view. (i left the tank's mistake on purpose so you guys can see what happens when he's not able to aggro them all or, if he aggros the boss by mistake.)

    There's not much of a tactic here rather than common sense really and maybe quick fingers.
    The boss will start summoning pillars coming out of the ground(they knock down and hurt a lot if you step on them), spawning all around the perimeter of the area, shrinking into a smaller circle.
    You just need to dodge them, really.
    At around 10% to 20% hp he will cast another more powerfull skill, which i think it has the same name of the previous one "Ice Pillar".
    It basically is, double what the previous skill does, so it spawns 2 lines of faster pillars shrinking into a smaller perimeter. Fact is, being 2 lines of pillars means half the safe zone where you wont be able to get hit.
    Also this skill lasts longer it seems, i'm not fully sure though. After you safely passed and dodges all the pillars, it should be easy to go full DPS on him and end the run. Here's my VOD with my point of view of a full RoM Leg run:

    Thanks for reading my guide. I hope this was helpful to every wizard interested in learning a bit more of the game. I will probably edit it more adding new stuff, or removing unnecessary stuff.

    Now go, log into your Riders of Icarus server and go practise what you've learned here!! (i hope you learned something usefull ^_^)
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    I do not understand your priority order.
    My priority is Magic Crit Rate up to 95%, Magic Crit Damage, Magic Attack - INT, Cool Down, Cast Time, Magic /Physical Defense, Critical Damage Defense, Health, Power
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