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NX limit

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Hi, i like to ask, why is there a limit to how much i can buy?
With the new class, i had to buy the frost suit and weapon etc and now i wanted to buy one of those packs that cost 44k, but your system says i cannot buy more NX untill next year :(
Please fix this :( It made me so sad.


  • Menegroth_SusejMenegroth_Susej
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    The limit is there for security reasons. You can send a ticketto support and ask them to raise your monthly limit. Just keep in mind that they won't reveal your current limit nor what your increased limit will be. It's not a perfect solution but it's better than nothing. =S
  • HulkguyHulkguy
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    They do this on Nexon games across the board. Do like stated above and File a ticket. I have had to inthe past and most times it is a temporary bump and not permanent so get what ya need when ya can.
  • FathomZ25FathomZ25
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    I personally like the cc limit.. Keeps me honest lol. However, there is not a limit to how much Karma coin you can buy and redeem. Next time you are at the store just pick a few up and you will be all set. If you were going to spend the money anyway then just buy the Karma coin cards.
  • SasaanSasaan
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    You can get Karma Koin cards online too, as no stores around me sell them.

  • VaelanVaelan
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    For your choice on how much NX you wish to spend, use Karma Koin Cards.

    Purchase Karma Koin Cards Here No Spending Limit
    Validate Karma Koin Cards Here Use NX PrePaid Option - KARMA KOIN

    Had the Same Issues and wrote a very long letter to Nexon, basically saying. Please let me give you money, you are losing revenue.
    A Week later these links were posted and the NX PrePaid option was added to the game, so we can play and pay in a normal Western MMO Demographic.