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Is it possible to recover a deleted character?

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Hello, my 4 year old sister got into the game and in an attempt to play without my permission, she deleted my lvl 33 Wizard.

Is it possible to recover the character? I had already spent some things with him and I feel discouraged that I have to start all over again :(

I suggested a PIN system as in other games to avoid this type of occurrence!

Thank you.

(Sorry for my english)


  • HiltoftheDragonHiltoftheDragon
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    You could try to submit a ticket with as much specific information as possible. Its worth a shot.

    The good thing is that the toon was only 33. Other than losing some items you bought, the damage is minimal if Nexon cannot help you.
  • xKamikazexKamikaze
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    Hello Rider,
    sadly to hear that your sis deleted your char. May you should change or use another password? =P
    Best thing what you can do, what @HiltoftheDragon said, is to submit a ticket to our Customer Support
    >> https://support-icarus.nexon.net/hc/en-us