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WINNERS ANNOUNCED: Date a Guardian GM Contest

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Oh how you have stolen our hearts, Riders! Such lovely poetry and artwork you have all created! And what a difficult choice! The following Riders are the winners of the "DATE A GM EVENT"!

Server: Akaldus
DATE TIME: 8 PM CEST (11 AM Pacific Time)

Server: Velzeroth
GM: CuddleWings
DATE TIME: 8 PM CEST (11 AM Pacific Time)

IGN: Mystic
Server Name: Baellas
GM: Zinyden
DATE TIME: 3 PM Pacific Time

IGN: Dreamweaver
Server Name Baellas
DATE TIME: 11 AM Pacific Time

IGN: ArcumNoctis
Sever: Akaldus
GM: Aldyn
DATE TIME: 10 PM CEST (1 PM Pacific Time)

All winners please meet your GM on your server CH 1 in Hakain's Crossing, Victory Plaza, at the fountain on February 16th at the times mentioned. If you have any issues please feel free to contact me via PM on the forums. :-)



Good day, Riders! Love is in the air... and Valentine's Day will soon be approaching... You are all cordially invited to partake in a contest in which our Riders will have to woo our Guardian GMs in order to receive a 1 hour date in-game. ;-)

(Do not fret about the gender of your date. This is meant to just be fun one on one time to hang out with a GM in-game! So don't take it too seriously.)

SUBMISSION DATES: February 2nd– 13th @ 11:59 PM Pacific Time

GM Dates will occur on February 16th between the hours of:
- Pacific Standard Time: 11:00 AM – 6:00 PM
- Eastern Standard Time: 2:00 PM - 9:00 PM
- Central European Standard Time: 8:00 PM - 3:00 AM
- Australian Eastern Daylight Time: 6:00 AM [FEB 16th] - 1:00 PM [FEB 16th]

** Please make sure you are actually available to partake on a date between these hours on February 16th before entering the contest.

Here are just some ideas of activities you can engage in (but it’s really up to you):
- Chatting.
- A romantic gondola ride through Hakanas on Letonsia.
- Speed running Legendries on God Mode for loot.
- Taking selfies and screenshots.
- And much more!

You can submit the following types of items to woo your potential GM:
- Draw a Portrait or Illustration or Manga/Comic
- Design a Valentine Card
- Write a Poem
- Record a Song
- Any other form of artwork you wish to create can be submitted.

When submitting and entry please provide the following:
- Your in-game character name.
- Server Name.
- name of GM you wish to date.
- Hours available for the date.
- A link to your entry (or if you are submitting poetry please just add it to you reply).

Official rules here>> http://forums.icarus.nexon.net/discussion/20350/

Here are the dating profiles of the GMs you can choose from. These profiles can help you when creating your entry:



FAVORITE NPC: Rondo, my love.
FAVORITE FOOD: Tacos and Philadelphia Rolls
- Saying "Riders" and counting my Ellun royalties.
- Day dreaming about Rondo.
- Brushing Rondo's ponytail.
- Mourning Rondo's death.
- Hoping Rondo isn't really dead and researching resurrection spells.

- Collecting Sailor Moon merchandise.
- Watching trashy reality TV.
- Thinking about what I am going to eat for dinner.

Riding Toro by moonlight, Winning Rondo's love by daylight, Dropping Riders high from the ground during mid flight... She is the one named CuddleWings.



FAVORITE CLASS: Ranger (#pewpew)
FAVORITE NPC: Belle (Monthly Writz reward lady at Hakain’s Crossing, but I also like the Bloodthirsy Maid enemy NPCs from Carleon Mansion because I’m a weirdo)
FAVORITE FOOD: Japanese Curry and takoyaki

I like anything that’s mecha or giant robots because I clearly haven’t grown up yet. I also really like Cheetos and can eat a whole bag in one sitting if I really wanted to. However, because I’m contractually obligated to stay sexy at Nexon, I must resist all temptation. I also like that feeling when a rain drop falls straight to your scalp.

A K-Pop idol and super hero in training. I’m that weird guy in your class that seems really quiet and has no friends, but after speaking to me, you find out why I’m quiet and have no friends. But I shared my pudding with you so you think I’m okay. You later find out that I’m actually a pop idol in disguise and just want to live a normal peasant life. I dream everyday that I receive some sort of super power after doing some good deed. This has yet to happen. If I could choose my super power, it’s the power to never have the need to sleep or eat because WHO HAS TIME FOR THAT?! On my free time, I like to waste my money on video games that I never get a chance to play because I never have the time (hence why I’d like the super power to never sleep or eat). I hope to one day own a shibainu and a Scottish fold as a pet. My life long goal is to live on the moon. My dream job is to search for alien life.



FAVORITE FLYING MOUNT: Karasha the Dark One. I like to instill fear into my enemies before I destroy them.
FAVORITE GROUND MOUNT: Laiku Rider. Dem wheelies!
FAVORITE CLASS: Ranger! Pew Pews all day! #PewPew
FAVORITE NPC: Crow, duh! He’s so cool. Plus, he broke me out of prison. True bro.
FAVORITE FOOD: Boiled Rice Balls. All day, erryday.
HOBBIES: Toying with my enemies, flying around, doing fetch quests for the local citizen.

Long walks in Legendary Dungeons, saving princesses, reading the occasional tome.

Savior of the realm. Destroyer of darkness. Underneath this harsh, rugged, hot exterior is just an adventurer wanting to do good… FOR THE PEOPLE!



HOBBIES: Fighting Evil, Protecting the Innocent, Saving the World

Enjoy long familiar rides out into the Sunset and saving damsels in distress.

I’m easy going, funny and very loyal.



FAVORITE FLYING MOUNT: Torkai | current familiar – Silver Laiku (and the variants)
HOBBIES: “Gaming Research”

- Game Design
- Mecha/Robotics
- Sci-Fi
- Table Top Games

I am usually committed to “Gaming Research” when possible. The scope of my research includes card games, boards games, and video games. There is so much material available that there’s rarely any time to take a break. I find puzzles, strategy, and RPGs to be the most fascinating topics to work on because the process of pulling ideas together to solve problems, overcome challenges, or create new elements is an amazing experience. I do have a fascination over things mechanical and technology. Since a young age I have been collecting models and figures of aircraft and mecha. Maybe one day I get to pilot one of them. My research experience should help? While not busy with “research”, fascinating over Mecha, and getting lost in Sci-Fi, I do like to return back to nature. Sometimes I will go on hikes to enjoy the scenery and animals with friends and family.


  • NXACuddlesNXACuddles
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    - IGN: CM-CuddleWings
    - Server Name: Baellas
    - Name of GM you wish to date: Zinyden
    - Hour available for the date: 11 AM - 12 PM Pacific Time

    Roses are Red,
    Violets are Blue,
    Your favorite class is the Ranger,
    And he goes PEW, PEW, PEW.
  • Menegroth_SusejMenegroth_Susej
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    The floodgates have been opened. I hope you guys are ready. :D

    But hot damn! 1 hour of legendary speed running in god mode for all da lootz with a GM?! That's the most romantic thing ever! I normaly don't participate in these kind of events since I'm not artsy enough but I'll give it a shot later. I have untill the 13th to think of something good, so I'll hope for the best.
  • MysticMystic
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    - IGN: Mystic
    - Server Name: Baellas
    - Name of GM you wish to date: Zinyden
    - Hour available for the date: 3 PM - 4 PM Pacific Time

    Agnas is Red,
    Diaguul is Blue,
    Will Zinny be
    My Valentine true?

    (will add a link to something later once I make it, to go with my entry)

    update - Origami ;D

  • ArturieArturie
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    - IGN: Arturie
    - Server Name: Akaldus
    - Name of GM you wish to date: CUDDLEWINGS
    - Hour available for the date: 8 PM - 9 PM - Central European Standard Time

    Ranger has many arrows,
    One struck the two of us,
    with such a force,
    but it is not for us
    I love my tacos with such a great force,
    More than anything in the world ...
    I'm your Rondo, My dear

    Happy Valentine.
  • SageSage
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    IGN: SabIe (with a captial i, not L)
    Server Name: Kalas
    Name of GM you wish to date: AARONJOHN
    Hours available for date: 3:30 pm - 10 pm Pacific Time

    With a flutter of your dark wings,
    And a slash of your mighty sword,
    Do you vanquish those who stand against you,
    You move with ease,
    To protect what is yours,
    The hand of the fair damsel,
    Awaiting your gallant rescue,
    A Guardian you are,
    A Guardian you shall always be,
    With a pure soul,
    And an open heart,
    You capture her heart,
    And if your heart be true
    Will you be my valentine tonight?

  • VladmyrVladmyr
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    IGN :Airagorn
    Server Name: Baellas
    Name of GM I wish to date: CuddleWings
    Hours available for the date: 9am-11pm EST

    The Ranger

    Her hair the color of snow,
    Deep in her eyes a glow.
    Soft ruby lips so fine,
    Her beauty is divine.

    The song of her bow-string,
    In enemies fear does bring,
    Death and destruction,
    It's major function.

    When February comes,
    And the day is done,
    An honor if she were mine,
    This dazzling, deadly Valentine!

  • VladmyrVladmyr
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    Just a thought, can a GM temper all your gear to +20? :)

    I guess that would be work not a date.
  • NXACuddlesNXACuddles
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    Vladmyr wrote: »
    Just a thought, can a GM temper all your gear to +20? :)

    I guess that would be work not a date.

    Unfortunately GMs will not be issuing items during the date, Rider. :-(

  • MysticMystic
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    Vladmyr wrote: »
    Just a thought, can a GM temper all your gear to +20? :)

    I guess that would be work not a date.

    Unfortunately GMs will not be issuing items during the date, Rider. :-(

    Just to add items become untradable once tempered past 10 (I think it was)
  • Wingmaster870Wingmaster870
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  • EnergyDoodleEnergyDoodle
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    > IGN: ArcumNoctis
    > Sever: Akaldus
    > GM I wish to date: Aldyn (He seems like fun. :D)
    > Hour available to date: 10pm - 11pm Central European Standard Time

    First, let us get into the mood...

    Now, for my fantastically romantic power that no one can resist...

    Riceballs n' Wheelies
    Riceballs will always stay,
    Stored safe with me
    Until this very day.

    They shall wait until the time is right,
    To serve you with
    Their Riceball might.

    But eaten alone they shall not be.
    For Grilled Riceballs are best
    For you and me.

    Atop a cycle we will seat,
    Savoring the Riceballs
    That we will eat.

    But slow and gentle is for a trucker.
    I'd rather ride fast,
    Like a mother Laiku protecting her children.

    As wheelies will only be achieved,
    When hastily you ride,
    At breakneck speed.

    Do good by this citizen,
    And find some time for Riceballs.

    C'mon, if you're not wooed by that, then you need some medical help.
    That was sweet and smooth, just like some fresh riceballs. :D
  • EistlaEistla
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    - IGN: Anaiz
    - Server Name: Velzeroth
    - Name of GM you wish to date: DAI-LAIKU
    - Hour available for the date: 9:30 PM - 11 PM CEST

  • 1pwny1pwny
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    IGN: 1pwny
    Server Name: Baellas
    GM I'd Like To "Date": Aldyn (although I'd be okay with anyone, at this point I'm kinda desperate).
    Hour Available: Preferred 4:00 - 5:00 EST, although I could probably also manage 5:00-6:00 or 8:00-9:00 (all in EST).

    I'm a pretty easygoing guy. Cuddlewings said that you could treat this as a time to hang out, so I'd be down for that. No need to attempt to get into anything long-distance, you know?

    I have 15 Legendary Emblems sitting in my storage right now, and I'd be glad to run though them with you! We can casually cruise through them on god-mode, and enjoy ourselves making idle chatter. In a bro-way. Maybe we could even god-mode some Titans, hey?

    Regardless, I am supposed to make some art here. While I could argue that prose is art, I'll draw up some poetry in a little bit and put it below. Look forward to a high quality "haiku" and a more serious attempt at poetry with a somewhat annoying rhyming scheme (ABA CDC EFE etc.).

    Is this how it works?
    I'd write a haiku,
    I hear it's pretty easy,
    But I don't quite get it.

    I don't understand.
    People always tell me
    That one line is off.

    But I don't know
    What the right method is, though.
    I'll have to settle.

    What is Love?
    ( *cough* baby don't hurt me *cough*)

    Many people will argue about
    what love is and isn't
    sometimes they tout,
    a preconception, oft
    of another's creation
    and with opinion soft
    they assume to know
    about how love is made
    and how it grows.

    And yet, to me
    love puzzles -
    is it love to be
    in constant thought
    of another,
    mind always caught?
    I don't think so,
    for love is subtle,
    and obvious? No.

    In my thinking
    love is more
    an understanding -
    that without that person
    your life alone
    would somehow worsen.

    (I might add some more, who knows)
  • EeiieeEeiiee
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    You’re in-game character name: Dreamweaver
    - Server Name Baellas
    - name of GM you wish to date. DAI-LAIKU
    - Hours available for the date. Any of them are good for me just need to know ahead of time ideally a day or two what it will be.

    Dai-Laiko lover of sweets and games,
    Enjoying yourself with your many tames?
    The place you are may not be in space
    Yet still you dream of finding another race.
    So much adventure as you probe
    The books that exist across the globe,
    Heroic people fighting by their gundam
    Children coming from a small birmingham.
    There are many puzzles in the heart and mind,
    All throughout humankind,
    Doing these together is how I want to be
    Together we can solve them precisely.
    A new friend I hope to gain
    For each other we can entertain
    Perhaps not for love and instead for fun
    We can with determine who is number one.
    Many games exist for the puzzle guru
    Perhaps we could do Portal two.
    Checkers is another game that I enjoy
    Playing with you would be a joy
    For this day, I hope you will say
    That you will message me on Thursday.
    It would be sad if one day was all
    With our interests, we could get along.
    Even if only for a single day
    I hope you will like what I have to say
    Perhaps you will find me interesting
    Even if my goal is not romanticizing
    I wait to learn your thoughts on this matter
    Hopefully you believe I am a good entertainer.
    Till then think about these words I say
    I wish you the best of days.
  • AdyAdy
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    - IGN: Desiree
    - Server Name: Baellas
    - Name of GM you wish to date: All of you. Do I have to choose? ~♥ If I **have** to choose, Aldyn. Still tho', all of you.
    - Hour available for the date: 2 PM - 9PM Eastern Standard Time
    this took me forever. paint over of a genuine screenshot i took in tritael rift!
  • BobTheBlobBobTheBlob
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    - IGN: BobTheBlob
    - Server Name: Baellas
    - Name of GM you wish to date: Send them all
    - Hour available for the date: Whenever I want

    Just do it, and let me know when i won you over
  • Wolfiee50Wolfiee50
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    - IGN: Wolfiee
    - Server Name: Koroshimo
    - Name of GM you wish to date: CuddleWings
    - Hour available for the date: 6 PM - 11 PM Central European Standard Time

    A good partner is a someone who doesn't only think about what he wants but also what his other half wants
    So let me be your Rondo for at least 1 hour CuddleWings c:

    A simple poem for a special person isn't enough but i will do my best (':

    I wish I can have you
    Noone but you
    You are my heaven & my world
    Which I always dream about
    Me before you
    Is just a noobie
    Who will stay true to his word
    Like Rondo's love for his Aisha

  • cpumancpuman
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    - IGN: Cpuwizz
    - Server Name: Baellas
    - Name of GM you wish to date: CuddleWings
    - Hour available for the date: 2PM - 9 PM Eastern Time

    Hello dearest CuddleWings,

    Tis' I, your humble servant Cpuwizz from Baellas, and I wish for you to know that I am available from sunrise to midnight for you! (essentially any of the hours you listed)
    I am writing you to display my affection for you and describe your beauty in my very humble phrasing.

    Your hair white silk adorns the fair form,
    Your eyes like diamonds reflect the morn,
    An angel descending with wings of pure night,
    Setting my heart a flutter with overwhelming delight,
    Your skin so smooth satin cannot compare,
    Your mouth like fire with a smile so fair,
    A regal form such as yours is nothing but pure,
    and I write you this poem to relay this allure,
    My words may be humble and simple at best,
    but would you be my Valentine? Of this I request.

    I hope this was pleasing to your eyes as much as your presence is pleasing to me.

  • SydolinEmunaSydolinEmuna
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    - IGN: SydolinEmuna
    - Server Name: Akaldus
    - Name of GM you wish to date: To all lovely GMs
    - Hour available for the date: 8 PM -10 PM CEST

    "We decided to attend as guild/ally and created a poem section in discord.If we win , the loot from legendary runs will be rolled between creators of this poem.It includes trolling, romance and geek stuff, will include ss of discord so you can understand who wrote what xD ''

    Riders Ascending

    Oh Rider Rider Where are you, Agnas is Flying over here
    Let me tame it, Jump on backseat , lets fly away
    Gonna take you to lava cave and burn marshmallows
    But alas, the Emberstone Golem is here
    I can feel my end is near
    So help me with your God Mode dear
    Cause i know i will die a lot with this fear

    The sky and sea will never be enough room for my love for you
    Come help me or I'll shout "fufufuuuuu"
    Which means I wanna Find U , Favor U , Feel U
    And forever we will be together as two

    There was three cats with mats.
    One was gray and second was blue,
    last one was green and who would quees
    that monkeys can fly.
    "I don't belivie you." Hissed the cat with the blue mat.
    And children, thats why you never watch Naruto without cat with gray mat or you will end up like potato sack.

    Don't walk away cause im a geek
    You know geeks are becoming chic.
    So prepare for our love to blast of at the speed of light
    As it will get us through any fight
    Even our foe will know we are right
    Who can stand against poyo army , right ?

    Creators : GraceJoy, SydolinEmuna , Xillityr ,Innya, Brezdon , BlueTopazCat , Moyasu

  • RayneBrimstoneRayneBrimstone
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    - IGN: RayneBrimstone
    - Server Name:Baellas
    - Name of GM you wish to date: To all GMs
    - Hour available for the date: 4 PM -10 PM CST

    I poem about pc gaming....

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