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Melee classes

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I’m new to this game and I’m going to create my first character and I’m wondering which would suit me best.

I like melee fighters so the choice comes to Guardian, Berserker and Assassin.

I would love to get some advice which of them will be best for SOLO PvE.

I like dynamic playstyle but also like to be able to stand more than two hits :D

First i thought Berserker would be optimal but i found many people complaining about slow animations and charging skills.

I also want to add I’m very casual player so probably I will not get a lot of money to fast so it would be nice if the character wont be very equipment dependent.

And my last question. Do you have any advice which server is best to start?

Thanks for any advice!


  • emerdeix123emerdeix123
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    If you like melee classes, play casually and don't want to be so equipment dependent... Well, zerk is simply a crap, while guardian is the most equipment dependant. Your choice should be assassin, he is quite good for soloing things, but you need to know a few things :
    - not the best survivability compared to guard / zerk, but fortunately you have dodging ability and if you learn how to dodge, you won't have any problems with it
    - Assassin has the greatest dps (damage per second) of all classes.
    - it's not the best choice if you have lags or weak Internet. Sometimes it may interrupt your dodging.
    - If you learn how to play that class, money won't be problem. You'll solo dungeons fast and gain new equipment.
    - Assassin's magic equivalent is ranger, he also has dodging ability and big dps, and is even easier and better for new, casual solo players.
  • MathaeusMathaeus
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    @emerdeix123 thanks for reply. Nice sugestion and arguments :) i have created guardian before your post. I'm now lvl 15 and playing just with quest/box equipment and i realy enjoy it. But i will try assassin as well but I' m affraid my imternet connection might be problem coz sometimes i have lags :/