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WINNERS ANNOUNCED: Date a Guardian GM Contest


  • GreenRoseGreenRose
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    - Velzeroth
    - CuddleWings (and her voice of doooooom!)
    - Central European Standard Time: 8:00 PM - 9:00 PM

    After her death my heart felt cold,
    my bones my flesh all rotting old.
    But when i saw this raid of yours,
    And when i saw your face so kind,
    Ill seal your heart if you dont mind,
    I just want you to be mine.
    And when the clock is hitting nine ...


    FAVORITE PET: Daveen
    FAVORITE NPC: Daveen
    FAVORITE FOOD: Dark Bitter Chocolate, Spaghetti with tuna,chese and tomatosauce,

    ABOUT ME: - The embodiment of the unbeliveable.
    Ive had so much stuff happen and still happening to me, you wouldnt belive it.
    -Working in the morning, and playing in the evening.
    -Got some questions i would ask you if you dont mind^^
  • ArchAngelTariel34ArchAngelTariel34
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    In game toons name -ArchAngelTariel ranger lvl50
    Gm I wish to date-ALDYN
    Time avlable for date-3pm-6pm CST
    If pvp had a god you would be it and I would worshop the darkness and death you would rain down upon thy enamies. Thee has captured my heart protect it well oh great god of death from the shadows.May thee rule enturnal and power be for times beyond time and space never to fade nore die.
  • wyndiniumwyndinium
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    IGN: Aquilina
    Server name: Hakains
    Name of GM you wish to date <3 : Zinyden

    Hour Available: 5:00-6:00pm EST

    About me:
    Favorite Food: Steamed dumplings from the Chinese restaurant up the street.
    Favorite NPC: Love Crow, he's awesome.
    Favorite Mount: Blue Daiguuls because they have fluff and they are blue!!
    Favorite Class: Guardians, they are very tanky and I can grab people. <3
    I love anime!! My favorite show is Noragami. I also am a great artist and one day dream of making my own manga/anime.

    This is a short manga I created. It's about a familiar and his master who are just beginning their adventure together. I thought since familiars are a part of the game they should have the lime light too. The "familiar I choose was a leogryph because it's one mount I wish the game would have. Anyway enjoy! <3




  • ptbrGAMEptbrGAME
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    - IGN: ptbrGAME
    - Server Name: Kalas
    - Name of GM you wish to date: Dai-Laiku
    - Hour available for the date: 2PM - 9 PM EST

    I do not understand much about "love-design", but just like you, I love game design
    Because of this I thought of a game with you:

    The object of the game is the main character (me) reach you.

    1- You love sweets, then face it and have a great choice of items collected during a stage so I can win a reward. Preferably, a life, in case I die.
    2- Your favorite NPC is Rondo ... let's turn you into a villain, will be our enemy within the stage!
    4- Favorite class: Assassin. We have a lot of skills here, so we'll have some special candy that when you take it, they works as a power-up. So you gain one skill: dodge.
    5- Riding: Dark Lyruds. Here you can put the game concept, mechanical! How about after going through the Rondo, had a pointer that just riding not Dark Lyruds I could spend time without leaving?
    6- After all this, I come to you S2
    7- And dont worry, on Level 2, we can get a Laiku and create a Flying Level

    i- Reward
    ii- Case of defeat
    iii- Case of victory
    iv- Enemy
    v- Power Up
    vi- Mechanics
    vii- Collectable

    viii- Do you have any other concept you wanted to add? S2 Date with me S2

    Do you want to play this game with me? S2

    ~Love is a "game"~
  • ErikaiErikai
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    - IGN: Goddess
    - Server Name: Kalas
    - Time: 2pm - 4pm Eastern Standard Time
    - Entry: You've Got Mail
  • Moose_TakumiMoose_Takumi
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    IGN: Schiz
    Server: Baellas
    GM I wish to date: Zinyden
    Hours available: 5-6 PM Pacific Standard Time

    Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    I'll slide into your DM

    (Psst, add me on Steam, if y'know what I mean ;)
  • vManvMan
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    - IGN: vMan
    - Server Name: Koroshimo
    - Name of GM you wish to date: Cuddlewings
    - Hour available for the date: 8PM-11PM CEST

    Roses are Red,
    Violets are Blue,
    Let's play some Raiders,
    And kill some spiders. :)
  • Blue_Blue_
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    - Server Name: Koroshimo
    - Name of GM you wish to date: DAI-LAIKU
    - Hour available for the date: 8 PM -9 PM CEST

    From a sin to another :)

    Roses are red,
    I am Blue,
    lets go grind,
    cos thats what sins do.

    Oh and hey I draw you valentine card, hope you like it. (Not good at drawing but did my best :D)

  • RockyfelerRockyfeler
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    - IGN: Rockyfeler
    - Server Name: Akaldus
    - Name of GM you wish to date: AARONJOHN
    - Hour available for the date: 8PM - 1AM Central European Time.

    I am not a poet, I do not write stories, I just found a bit of spare time to paint something quickly. Sorry for the quality, my potato phone cant make good photographies in the evening, but I hope it is still enjoyable :D

    Would you be my Valentine and join me for an adventure?
  • emerdeix123emerdeix123
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    IGN: EmErDeiX
    Server: Velzeroth
    GM I wish to date: Cuddlewings, my love
    Hours available for the date: 8pm-9pm CEST (Polish/German time zone)

    In this poem I'm writing from the first person perspective as Rondo.
    Also, I'd like to know if we can voice chat with the GMs during the date or is it just in-game chat?

    For you, my lovely Cuddlewings

    When Aisha died I suffered a lot,
    My young heart that burned hot
    Became the house of the snows.
    How big was my pain, nobody knows.
    Since then my heart was the essence of the purest ice,
    I lived in dispair, but when I saw your beautiful eyes
    Something was ticking inside of me.
    At first I didn't know what could it be.

    But then we met a few more times,
    In my fortress of eternal ice.
    Without your presence I felt bored and lost,
    But when you were with me, there was no frost,
    No mist, no ice, no fog, no fright,
    Nothing that could bother my heart.
    I never thought that I could love again,
    Yet I fell to you and forgot my pain.

    I didn't tell you what I feel,
    Instead we kept travelling still
    To the Highlands, to the Woods,
    To the Sacred Shallows' moods,
    To the Rift, and finally to the Wastes,
    Where our band of two made a few heists.
    Though we were both bad, you loved the sweet things,
    So with my help, you possesed Clever Toro's cute wings.

    When we both had this majestic flying animal,
    We thought that we don't need horses anymore.
    But it's also useful to have some mount that runs,
    So we found and tamed a pair of Longhorn Bajarns.
    And then there was a moment when we finally took a little time to rest.
    We ate some tacos but in the pack we found... sealed Karasha Crest!?
    We sold it in Alseik, for a very high price,
    And then we both had $$ instead of eyes.

    We moved forward in our adventures,
    Facing even more different dangers.
    It was the matter of time untill we lost our luck.
    We were travelling, and suddenly I was stabbed in my back
    By a bandit that wanted to rob us from the gold.
    You avenged me, but again I felt the cold.
    Then you cried with dispair for entire night,
    Because you lost my lovely bitting heart.

    Yet you found a way to bring me back to the living,
    And so with your love, again I started breathing.
    Your mirror eyes with green outline
    Melt down my soul to fit your shine.
    No longer scared nor lost in sight,
    I try to learn to love not only fight.
    And so my little, lovely Cuddlewings,
    Will you stay with me for the Valentines?
  • AkeathaAkeatha
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    - IGN: Ajanee
    - Server Name:Baellas
    - Name of GM you wish to date: Aaron John
    - Hour available for the date: 11 AM - 6 PM Pacific Time

    Almost too late
    To write about wanting a date
    With Aaron John

    Oh yeah, he's the one
    The one of fine figure and face
    A fine figure of a man

    Get my plan in place
    Yes, that's the plan
    Plan that includes taking this damsel
    On a ride full of moonlight and romance
    Speed running legendaries for loot as well
    Could there be a chance?

    Chance for romance
    A Valentine's day love fest
    A date with Aaron John that's my quest
    Be still my heart because he's the best!

    Will it be possible or Mission Impossible?
    To perhaps get a mark or 2 for Tagris?
    Such a beautiful blue
    Aaron John saying: Ajanee these marks are for you!

    A Valentine's date I will always cherish
    Winning all the things that I wish

    Am I a damsel in distress
    Save me Aaron John! Yes! Yes! Yes!
    Aaron John take heed
    I have the need

    Need to have screenshots to commemorate
    Aaron John date

    Hurry! Hurry! Hurry!
    Don't be late to post this entry
    Aaron John we're meant to be
    So, don't be shy
    Pick me and see
    A Valentine's date together you and me!

  • MlBMlB
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    -IGN: Aschente
    -Server Name: Kalas
    -Name of GM you wish to date: Cuddlewings though honestly, I'd take Ziny or Dai-Laiku too
    -Hours Available: 4-5PM PST or 5-6PM PST
    -Link to Entry: http://sta.sh/0lkyrpkzfw9 (This is the full image, the one on the post is cropped as to not take up a stupid amount of space)

    The days go by, and the night falls;
    The dusk gives way to dawn, and the day passes once more.
    Yet, every day I go through,
    There seems to be something missing from the actions I take.
    Then I realize what that emptiness is,
    It's the lack of you, the only one who has shown me true joy.

    For many days I've wandered alone,
    Not yet realizing what purpose was.
    I'd always wandered, only relying on a sign to show me the way.
    Countless futures speak of so many different thoughts and endings,
    Yet the only one I'd accept is the one with you.

    But something I realized struck me,
    Is it true that Rondo's your only love?
    Can I never catch your eye, and am I just another whisper in the wind?
    Please, tell me it isn't so, because I can't carry on without you.
    This world, in which all peace has faded away
    You are the only light that keeps me moving forward.

    "I'll protect you", I say
    As I try to hold onto the hope that tomorrow might bring
    Yet, I could only shrug and say "Take care,"
    As you head on out outwards, without fear
    This pride I have to protect you, I'll change it into courage.

    Yet I realized, that I have repeated this cycle many times.
    I'm there longing, but I never speak up and call out for your warm gaze.
    Fear has always gripped me,
    And unlike Icarus, who was brave enough to leap to his freedom;
    I remain here, unwilling to take that sharp dive.

    But, it's only because of you that I can change
    So this day, I'll swallow all doubt
    Please, look at me for just one moment,
    I may not be Rondo, but I can only hope inside
    That you might accept my devotion, that belongs to only you.

    I say "Don't leave me,"
    Because I can't stand another moment without your presence.
    I'm no angel, but just for once
    Let me take your hand,
    So might I be your knight, on this Valentines' day?

  • NXACuddlesNXACuddles
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    Oh how you have stolen our hearts, Riders! Such lovely poetry and artwork you have all created! And what a difficult choice! The following Riders are the winners of the "DATE A GM EVENT"!

    Server: Akaldus
    DATE TIME: 8 PM CEST (11 AM Pacific Time)

    Server: Velzeroth
    GM: CuddleWings
    DATE TIME: 8 PM CEST (11 AM Pacific Time)

    Server Name: Baellas
    GM: Zinyden
    DATE TIME: 3 PM Pacific Time

    Server Name Baellas
    DATE TIME: 11 AM Pacific Time

    Sever: Akaldus
    GM: Aldyn
    DATE TIME: 10 PM CEST (1 PM Pacific Time)

    All winners please meet your GM on your server CH 1 in Hakain's Crossing, Victory Plaza, at the fountain on February 16th at the times mentioned.

    If you have any issues please feel free to contact me via PM on the forums. :-)

  • 1pwny1pwny
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