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Everyone let's leave that game....

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edited February 27, 2017 in Rants and Raves

This is the last and final reason for me to leave that game. Good luck, have fun.
  1. Do you really want to waste your time playing this game?17 votes
    1. I think I'm not wasting my time here.
       35% (6 votes)
    2. I think about leaving.
       41% (7 votes)
    3. I already left.
       24% (4 votes)


  • iJustAmiJustAm
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    edited February 26, 2017
    hahahahh, so its possible? i was imagining it happening one day, it would be so funny and it actually did XD

    the thing with spire is, it should be instanced to you, it is not, it's still instanced with the outside world hence there's hella lag usually in there
    nexon needs to understand that. they did a good job with lair of lenos, that is truly instanced, but tower....
  • EllorianEllorian
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    edited February 27, 2017
    When it happens like that, just simply ctrl + alt + delete.
    End launcher
    It costs you a few minutes but it doesn't ruin the whole run.
  • RuniRuni
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    edited February 27, 2017
    Never had this bug happening since the tower was introduced....Maybe verify your gamefiles or what ever is causing this....looks like only a few having this bug....(btw none of my guildmates ever reported such a bug happening to them..^^)
  • emerdeix123emerdeix123
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    edited February 28, 2017
    good info is I'm no longer going to have that bug... because I don't play this time-waster anymore.