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Magical Attack vs Critical Damage

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I wonder the rate between attack / critical damage ! I focus on critical so I wish to use critical damage seal stones but i dont know the relation of dps - critical damage relation !
I mean what will the difference be for 6K dps / 3K cdmg && 4K dps / 4.5K cdmg ?

What should the rate be for them ? 1/3 ? 1/4 ? or...


  • EntrenchedsoulEntrenchedsoul
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    I don't think the game calculates DPS with critical rate in mind so in order to understand the relation you would have to go DPS to Base Attack/Damage. so you hopping on one leg while trying to juggle in chainsaws isn't how I would try to understand the games mechanics.

    this of course is what I know about the game so far. however I could be wrong.. if I am wrong then you have to understand averaging taking the mid point between regular damage and critical damage meaning the relation you are looking for wont be clear grade 4 math.

    also if your looking at only one or two hits as your critical damage reading. some of your attacks naturally do more or less then 100% damage. i believe the max DPS will only calculate 100% hits over 1 second. would have to consult the brains behind the calculations to be sure.