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[WINNERS] Garme and Daveen Fan Art Contest

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Good day, Riders! Thank you all for entering. We're so impressed with the entries for Garme and Daveen. As many of you may agree, Garme is one of the toughest mounts to draw!! We are blown away by the entries and as always this was an extremely hard choice!

The following Riders are the winners:

Saigo - Velzeroth
Tielle - Velzeroth
NarienAeros - Velzeroth
Derryu - Baellas
SockenSchuss - Velzeroth
Etezyen - Velzeroth
Darknessressurr - Akaldus
Marance - Baellas
Fayana - Akaldus
Tainaah - Kalas
Crimsonient - Hakain

Winners please allow up to 5 business days to receive your prize.


Garme has been a staple Heoric mount in Riders of Icarus since the start... and he is arguably the most complex one considering his bond with Daveen. To celebrate Garme and Daveen's feature week, we are hosting a special Fan Art contest for this mischievous duo!

Grab your art media tools and show us your artistic skills!

SUBMISSION DATES: February 28th - March 19th @ 11:59 PST

- Originality and creativity – 50%
- Artistic skill and merit – 50%

10 Winners will receive:
- (1) Daveen Pet
- (1) Lovely Daveen Pet
- (1) Magma Garme Skin
- 100 Elluns

- You can choose to draw both Garme and Daveen or the draw them separately.
- Be creative! You can make it an illustration or a comic/manga (max 5 pages)! The sky is the limit!
- You can use digital or traditional media!
- You can revise and edit your entry until the end of the contest.
- Please only submit images from scratch. EDITED SCREENSHOTS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.

Reply to this forum post with the following information:
- IGN and Server.
- Your artwork entry.

Here are some reference images to help with your illustration!

Please review the official rules here>> http://forums.icarus.nexon.net/discussion/20611/

If you have any questions please ask away in this thread~~


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