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[WINNERS] Tales of Icarus Fan Fic Contest


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    Title: Taming Rodos

    Ever since the three had arrived within the Parna’s Coast, Raigin had his gaze set on one goal. Tame the owl by the name of Deathbeak Rodos. By now, Raigin, Fraener, and Isamu had experience taming elite familiars. Fraener liked to expand his collection, capturing and often let many of his familiars go as time passed. Raigin was quite the opposite, picky in what he tamed and had trouble parting with those he no longer needed. It was the first time Raigin had been so set on a certain familiar, completely captivated by the creature. It took time to gather the ingredients needed to craft the Rodos mark. Without the mark he'd be unable to tame the beast after all.
    30 familiar orbs, five sealed snowy owls, five sealed horned owls, and eight elite taming potions. Gathering ingredients is never as easy as it seams. Taming 10 owls in total, one needed stamina and patience. Finding the snowy owls amongst the white snow proved to be quite the challenge at times, especially when Fraener refused to lift a finger to help. Isamu offered at times, only to be pulled back by Fraener. Isamu had only just joined the two, surprised to learn that they referred to themselves as brothers, though not related by blood.
    As the mark was finally crafted -Raigin's finger tips red and sore from the painstaking work that went into it- he came to a sudden realization. If he failed to tame Rodos, he would be required to start over. Taming 10 more owls, gathering 30 more orbs, and buying eight more familiar potions. “Should I make another?” Raigin finally asked, turning in his seat to face his brother. Fraener only shrugged his shoulders. “Have confidence. You've done this a million times before.”
    The time finally came, after a day of painstaking work to help locals of the coast. “Let's do this before night fall,” Fraener directed as they took their aerial mounts. They'd seen the creature before and found a spot to camp and wait after taking out nearby owls. “There,” Isamu pointed as the great owl came into view. It was magnificent to say the least.
    “You know what to do?” Raigin asked, receiving a nod from the other two. With that, he climbed higher to watch from a short distance. Fraener and Isamu would weaken Rodos and Raigin would drop in at the last moment. It all seemed simple, but of course they hadn't engaged the owl before.
    Fraener and Isamu seemed to have expected this task to be easier. They circled around the beast, keeping clear of its attacks as best they could manage. Rodos certainly wasn't going down without a fight, but he would surely go down in the end.
    “Raigin!” Fraener called, snapping the male from his thoughts. It seemed it was finally time. The rider took his stance, balanced over the owl’s back before taking a leap. The cold wind rushed his face and for a moment he wondered if he'd missed, then he made contact and nearly took in a face full of feathers. Everything hurt for a moment, the rider simply gripping on for a dear life until he'd regained his senses.
    “Come on, come on,” Raigin mumbled to himself as he managed to keep the weakened owl under control. He worked to calm the beast, more focused than he'd ever been. It felt like he'd been sitting there for hours on the frantic creature before it finally calmed.
    Raigin blinked slowly as his surroundings came back into view, everything steady once more. Turning his gaze to the new familiar beneath him, he folded his arms and laughed aloud. The cold air cooled his heated body and he gave his final exasperated laugh. “I did it,” he panted to himself as he let his arms fall to his sides.
    Fraener and Isamu flew in close, one smiling while the other looked more than ready to leave. “Nice job,” Fraener said as he turned toward the town. “Now lets go, before we run into anymore owls.” Neither Raigin nor Isamu decided to argue as they followed Fraener back into town. The cold wind whipped at their cheeks and sent shivers down their spines, it seemed they'd never get used to the cold.
    Raigin had his eye on Rodos since he was young. The owl reminded him of something once long forgotten and now the familiar replaced that memory. The sound of ruffling feathers in the wind and the familiar cold, as though he'd done this once before.
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    Story link: http://sta.sh/02bl0gbawcrg

    In case the link is not working:
    Riders of Icarus: Maintenance Time

    -Five minutes until server maintenance.-

    An invisible belltower struck the warning sign for noon as players begun a mass exodus off the game's mainframe. It was a mere five minutes before maintenance time, and some of the more confident players thought they were to squeeze in a last dungeon run or two before the server would be shut down. While the riders themselves happily migrated to their personal conversations about what the next level cap and new area would be like, the game's residents thought otherwise about this event.

    -Server maintenance has begun. You may exit your stations.-

    The second that the game was toggled from on to off, the NPCs all gathered in the center of Hakin's Crossing, also known as Victory Plaza.

    "Is it finally that time?" Lania, Hakin's princess would call as she stepped off a stone altar. "It's not fun floating in the air for so long, you know... And Rondo's not even nice enough to give me a glass of water or something."

    "There's only one thing wrong about that statement, and that's the assumption that Rondo is nice enough for anything." Ronfraine scoffed. "I still don't understand what that guy's problem is, kidnapping you out of the blue and then conducting some creepy ritual of some kind."

    From the corner of the gathering space, Crow gave an irritated remark of his own. "Rondo's not that terrible of a person, actually. He just got cheated out of 5,000 Elluns and 500 Hakanas Coins by Premium Skin Boxes and Golden Hakanas Boxes... Though that doesn't excuse him kidnapping the princess."

    "Now, let's have a truce for the time being?" The man in question, Rondo, would hold both of his arms up in a surrendering motion. "You nearly detonated my face off at one point, and I'd rather not have a repeat of that."

    A minute of silence passed before Lania angrily marched up to Terramunce and gave him a harsh slap on his right cheek. "I kind of wish he'd go through with that, you know."

    "And I would have liked to, but the Game Masters dictate otherwise." Crow shrugged. "They said I'm not allowed to make things too easy for the players, although I already feel bad for some of them."

    A single glance around Hakin's Crossing revealed just how much the game changed when the servers went off. Rondo and Ronfraine begun betting over poker matches besides the fountain, and Count Carleon was soundly KO'd on one of the benches due to the excessive farming some players did.

    Lucky was sitting besides a table, which looked more like a bar than anything else. She was busy shaking up something in a silver container, and it didn't take a genius to figure out what it was.

    "I thought the legal drinking age was 21." Rena mentioned offhandedly. She was still sour about how she had to play traitor for the sake of the storyline tension, and was currently sipping on a potion vial.

    "Not in some countries." Crow added on. "Though I'd be willing to bet that pretty much all of us here are old enough. We can't say the same for the players, though. Whose wise idea was it to make the drinking animation use a beer keg?"

    "Who knows." Ronfraine added in as Lucky handed him a drink glass filled with a sunset-colored sherbet. "But why are we being concerned over such things? It's maintenance time, and we ought to sit back and relax. Maybe take some bets on what the first reactions to Parna's Coast will be..." With that, he turned to resume his betting with Rondo. Despite their apparent hatred for one another, something that they definitely could have fun over was a few games during maintenance.

    Lucky held up a filled goblet, offering it to the Onyx Order Commander. "To another week survived?"

    "Yeah, I guess." He would take the chalice in response and take a short sip. "I'm not that fond of drinking, but maybe just this once."

    The coin merchant looked deep in thought. "Hey, Crow. Do you think you can get the maintenance extended? This is too nice to let it last just five hours. The players can wait a little bit longer."

    "I'm with Lucky on this one." Lania waved from the distance, trying to finish some needle working on a handkerchief. "Whatever gets me away from Rondo the longest makes me happy."

    "I so agree, though." Rondo gave his own affirmation. "I'm kind of tired of just running around and making sure your princess is in another castle over and over. An extension would be great, me and Ronfraine still have scores to settle.

    "Say no more. Leave this to me." Crow gave a definitive smirk before riding off on his ebony pegasus, going to Ellora-knows-where.

    -Server maintenance has been extended for three hours-

    "Great job." Lucky beamed as the leader returned. "Who's up for a competition?"

    "Of what?" Rena inquired curiously.

    "Eh, I was thinking fighting, but then we all know who'd win... But why not anyways?"

    The cheerful laughter continued for the next few hours as the game stayed on maintenance due to a certain bird's interference. As selfish as it might have been, the NPCs all agreed that they deserved the much-needed-rest. At the very least, Carelon seemed to appreciate the extra nap time and Godiva seemed glad that she would get a break as well.

    "I love this job." Crow would say as he prepared to launch an attack to begin the free-for-all brawl. "Hope we don't trash the capital too badly, because we've got to piece it back together afterwards."
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    ((Cavern of the Vail))

    When I first entered the dungeon, I didnt know what to expect. I looked around to see my teammates preparing themselves for what was to come, all we know is that we need to beat the eye, but the only way to do that is to fight his protectors. Our first big obstacle is a giant crab. We all admired its existance wondering how we are going to destroy this beast. Our tank ran in front protecting us, as the crabs health bar is going down he throws out an ability called spinning slash and we all backed up not knowing what to do. Next thing we knew he's throwing out little baby spinning crabs that almost wipe us all out, but our saviour the priest healed us just in the nick of time. As we are moving through the dongeon we run into two more bosses, Killian and Arkan. We have first killed Arkan. As wewere killing Killian we then find out that he is able to resurrect Arkan, at this point we are all trying to figure out how to go about killing them. We then split into groups and had people lowering Killians health bar down as we are attempting again to kill Arkan. Arkan uses a defense mechanism called spinning weapon and we all step back and watch in horror as hekilledour tank. The priest resurrects the tank and we finally defeat Arkan and are on to killing Killian hoping that he doesn't resurrect Arkan again.
    After all our hard work we are wondering what is to come. At last we are finally to the eye, we have all heard tales about how powerful and undefeated the eye is. We send out the wizard first so that he can keep the eye distracted as we take out his two protectors the Ankelions. We must kill the eye quickly after, or he will respawn the Ankelions, as the wizard is running around we are doing everything we can to kill him fast, its been a hard and road we must not give up. After a few party wipes later, we all finally come to the conclusion that eye has came out victorious and we decided to call it a quits. We all must improve on our gear to become stronger and get our revenge on Radan's eye someday.
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    As the wind ruffled his fawn colored hair, he steered Blade through a barely visible trail towards Guardian’s Gate. It was a gorgeous cloudless day, the birds chirped their tune and the grass danced to the lovely sound. The trees seemed to loom over them, seemingly to create a blanket of protection over them. Sunshine still mischievously peeked through every small opening, creating indistinguishable patterns on the ground.

    Blade snorted, and shook out his mohawk like mane, eager to stretch his huge feathered wings. The ocean colored pegasus was impatient and had a low-tolerance, but the rider couldn’t blame his mount. It was a splendid day to fly, signaled by the riders gliding overhead on their air mounts. Blade whinnied, wanting to join them, but his rider kept him on ground, needing to save his mount’s energy.

    He stroked Blade’s neck, reassuring the pegasus they will take off, soon enough. The pair would never give up a good opportunity to fly. The rider looked up, and behold, a collapsed stone bridge,on which ally soldiers conversed on. Blade whinnied, a mix of excitement and nervousness. There were hostile mobs up ahead, growling as the looked for their next prey. Unfortunately for the pair, one had taken interest in them, and turned to their direction.

    Without hesitation the rider clicked Blade into a swift gallop, the and they covered ground extremely quickly. The figure raised a hand to protect his face as a ball of fire landed directly in front of them, and dirt and sparks. The birds now flew away scared for their lives, and the trees cringed at the sight of rising flames.

    Soldiers yelled orders, and the other riders fled. The pair, nevertheless, did not slow down. They were a blur to their surroundings, the only thing they left behind was a set of hoof prints. Everything seemed to slow down, the screaming ceased, the mobs slowed. The pair approached the edge. It seemed to challenge them, to discourage them. After all, what could a boy and a pegasus possibly do?

    But the reckless heart of the rider never swayed at discouragement nor defeat, that’s why he kept coming back. Even if he was on quest gear. To achieve the unachievable. To tame the untameable. To fly, even when you can only fall. The rider smiled, as Blade’s powerful legs leapt, and they fell. They fell, a twirling mess of feathers and outdated fabric.

    To fly, even when you can only fall.

    Blade’s wings snapped out, and with a flap, the pair shot skyward. As they approached maximum height, they slowed, and soon the pair flew away from the chaos, to face another. Their adventures weren’t over just yet, this was Hakanas Highlands, after all. There was a reason for saving their energy

    As the roar of a mighty beast resounded through the skies, the rider grabbed his rusty crossbow, that rested silently on his back. As the pair glided through the skies, they neared the fiery dark beast, Agnas the Red. Behind him flew his army of lesser dragons. They dared not make a sound, as they followed Agnas with complete obedience.

    Blade slowed, as the rider brought his crossbow up, ready to bring the mighty beast to its senses. The rider brought up his crossbow, and fired an explosive shot. A critical, it seemed, as signalled by the furious roaring. Agnas turned his attention to the pair, his eyes blazing. The lesser dragons began attacking, shooting fireball after fireball. Agnas on the other hand, started out with one of his unique attacks.

    Blade swerved right to avoid the spewing magma, and the pegasus whinnied in laughter as another lesser dragon fell. The rider,on the other hand, switched focus between Agnas and his lesser dragons, keeping a watchful eye on his health and Blade’s stamina. Another dragon fell, Agans’s anger rose. The mighty beast roared as the pair swooped and turned from his attacks.

    Agnas shot another large fireball at the pair, and it hit its mark. Blade stumbled, taking more damage now from the lesser dragons’ fireballs. The rider, also having a moment of bad luck, missed a shot, but nevertheless, kept shooting. Diverting his attention of the crossbow, he grabbed a health potion and gulped it down. Not forgetting Blade, the rider splashed an energy potion pn Blade’s soft back. Blade snorted, and with a flap of it’s feathered wings, started building momentum again.

    Soon, it was time, the rider leapt up on Blade’s back, into taming positon. Once again, everything slowed down. He leapt, and felt Blade disappear into thin mist behind him. Stretching out one hand, he grabbed Agnas’s rough neck, a contrast to Blade’s soft back, and swung himself on the dragon. Agnas roared, rebelling against the taming, and twisted and shook as he flew. The rider kept his position, but felt the tame fail. He closed his eyes, ready to be thrown off, for the fourth time now.

    Another roar, but not the usual one of victory, but of submit and defeat. Guardians Gate went silent for a split second. Then, the excitement of a reckless rider who'd tamed the mighty Agnas the Red.
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    Gastair's Curse
    There seemed to be a gathering of dark figures at the cemetery, talking quietly amongst themselves. Most were in black robes, dark aura trailing off the group. More figures trailed into the group after a little while, seeming to be anxious about something.    

    A man approached the group, slipping into the circle with a small child, who was looking around with curiosity. The Brotherhood snorted, chuckling behind the man’s back at the small girl behind him. The man only grumbled and held his child closer, glaring at anyone who laughed. The group fell silent after a moment, turning their attention to a hooded figure at the front of the group. The group formed themselves into a tight circle around a platform, looking up at the seemingly leader. There were chains attached to the platform, to the father’s nervousness. He held his child tighter, eyeing the chains.

    “Gastair..” The hooded figure said, looking down at the father. He looked up, venom in his gaze. The child looked at the hooded figure also, seeming suspicious. “Your time has come. You may prove useful, finally..” He chuckled darkly, smirking. He made a hand motion, and the figures around Gastair shoved him and the girl forward, to his anger. He growled, pulling away from them and in front of the hooded figure. “You know the deal. The only reason I’m doing this.” Gastair growled, glaring up at the figure. The Khabimists around him hissed in warning, glaring at him.

    “Yes, yes, your dear child will be fine. She won't be harmed..” The figure said, almost rolling his eyes. Gastair seemed suspicious, scoffing. “Now, step up.” The figure ordered. “Without the child.” He growled. Gastair made a low snarl, but stepped onto the platform, leaving the child standing to the side. The girl seemed concerned, watching while wringing her hands.

    The Khabimists started chanting, energy starting to zip around Gastair. They did so for a minute, heads bowed in concentration. Gastair cried out, the energy hitting him violently. His body contorted and shifted, his skin changing color and spikes jutting out his arms and chest. The child whimpered, but didn't approach, fearing she would make it worse. After a moment, what was once a man now lay a panting ape beast, drool dripping from its maw. The hooded figure looked up at him in glee, a wide grin on his face. “Let’s call you.. Garme.”

    Garme, once Gastair, glared down at him, standing. He now towered over the man, but a simple flick from him made the beast recoil in pain. Chains flew up and bound him to the ground, to his fury. He made a growl, as if trying to speak. The hooded figure only chuckled. “Grab the girl.” He hissed, and the men around the child grasped her roughly, pulling her over to a new platform that was hidden before. Garme roared in fury and started violently pulling on his chains, trying to get out. They quickly chained the now kicking child to the platform, and started infusing Khabimist magic into her as they did Garme. The beast roared again, one chain snapping, but the hooded figure was concentrated on the child, so he didn't notice. The girl cried out in pain, writhing in the chains. Body parts started to swell and morph, her clothes changing. Before it could fully finish, though, Garme snapped out of his restraints, roaring.

    The ape beast started throwing Khabimists down, knocking them out of the way. The hooded figure snarled and tried to get a hold on Garme, but he was too enraged to be calmed. He smashed down onto the hooded figure, throwing his unconscious body aside. Garme fought and scared off the remaining Khabimists, roaring.

    Afterwards, Garme calmed, going over to the crying child. He went down as best he could to her level, his eyes glittering with tears. He picked her up gently, his body shaking as he sobbed over his daughter. He carried her over to the small house, laying down and putting her on his massive arm. “Daveen..” He managed to growl out, whimpering. The girl nodded, tears rolling down her face. She leaned against him, hugging the beast. There they stayed, father and daughter, one beast, the other half human, embracing each other in sadness.
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    Good day, Riders. We will announce the winners by end of day on Thursday 5/25!
    Until then... I am going to relax, sip some tea, and enjoy the stories written by our Riders. :-D
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    Good day, Riders! Thank you all for entering the very first Riders of Icarus Fan Fic contest! Some made us laugh... Some made us cry... So many feels from these stories. The following Rider are the winners:

    Animall - Baellas

    ExquisiteX - Velzeroth

    Icedicles - Velzeroth

    GaaraChan - Kalas

    ArthurRay - Koroshimo

    Aschente- Kalas

    Aldeztaile - Akaldus

    SkyTheMcPro - Baellas

    Baltica - Velzeroth

    Raigin - Hakain

    *Winners please allow up to 5 business days to receive your prize.
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