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Best Flying Mount, Land Mount and Pet!

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Hi there,
I play since more or less one month and I'm reaching lv 50 quickly.
I'm wondering which Land Mount, Flying Mount and Pet are the best for Ranger class.
Till now I only used a Blue Bloodwyrm as Pet, but I'm thinking to change it to Abagne if it's really worth it.
For Land Mount I changed each time to the newest tamed, without looking to any bonus, but to farm and quick clearing dungeons, having fun questing and running from a place to another, now, I see I need a good Land Mount. I like horses the most but I will use everything is the best for Mount Combat.
About Flying Mount the same as Land Mount, right now I'm using Agnas just cause it's the highest rarity one I got.

Which ones are the best for a Ranger to use?
I already know Rondo pet is the best choise but I still miss too many familiars to collect and it's quite difficult for me to find the entire collection.
I'm looking for:
1. a good pet
2. a fast and good Land Mount to do what I said before
3. a fast and good Flying Mount that best fits and helps ranger.

People told me to find a mount giving me HP and defence instead of attack, simply cause I'll get hitted and need to survive the best, is that right?



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    1. Maid Daveen is probably one of the best pets you can get right now.
    2. Honestly, a few of them will do. Vegarus is a great option for DPS and speed.
    3. Hameon is a good all around flying mount for speed and dps